Best Strategy? Low Starting Price, Best Offer etc?

  1. I'm trying to sell an LV bag that is brand new with tags. I have it listed at the retail price and then have the best offer option. I have a bunch of watchers but nobody offering anything. What have you found to be the best strategy for selling more expensive items? Should I possibly list at a lower price and put a reserve on it. I'm not that experienced on eBay. What has worked for you guys?? Thanks!!!!
  2. Hello, try selling with a reserve and a low starting price.. you can always lower you reserve up until 12 hours left on your auction if you'd ike to or if your item does not sell you can still send the highest bidder a second chance offer. I hope this helps you. Happy ebaying. Good luck on your auction!
  3. Thank you soooooo much! I appreciate it!
  4. I find it is often advantageous to list a BIN item at a price higher than you expect and then offer the Best Offer feature so, hopefully, you will get close to what you want for the item. I find that if I list the price I want with the best offer feature hoping to come close, too many people make offers that are much less than what I want for the item.
  5. I have been having luck this week with a plain old BIN, and free shipping. Of course I put the shipping in the BIN price, but people like to think they are getting something for free.

    I ussually do the BIN (higher than I want), with the best offer option.
  6. buy it now with the best offer option is good. people still wait til the last minute on these types of auctions too to give their offers, I'm sure you'll get some. I hope it sells to a nice person.
  7. I would suggest a low start with reserve. If it comes close to what you'll accept at the end of auction without it hitting the reserve you can always offer that price to the highest bidder.
  8. Thanks girls!!!!! I really appreciate all of your advice.
  9. If you offer BIN make sure you require immediate payment. Sometimes scammers click BIN just to get your info with no intention of paying for the bag.
  10. I agree. Other sellers might also hit the BIN option to remove the competition.