Best store to buy Chanel

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  1. id like to start a Chanel collection, so far I have nothing from Chanel and if like to know which store you buy from. I know some buy from Saks, Neiman, Bloomingdales and others but I'm interested in earning points for future purchases. Also, any way to buy tax free? I live in Texas and taxes are kind of high here. Thanks in advance!
  2. I think taxes are ok in TX personally. {around 8%}

    Where you buy is your preference. I prefer Neimans personally :smile:
  3. Not sure if you will be traveling but states do not charge sales tax, like Oregon. The Nordstroms in Portland, Oregon has a small boutique in it.
  4. If you will be traveling to Europe, you are in luck. Pricing is way better than in the States.
  5. Personally, my preference for buying Chanel is
    Saks > Bergdorf Goodman > Neiman Marcus > boutique
    Tax free - either a store in a tax free state or a store that doesn't operate in your state.
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  6. For me Saks NYC or Saks Boca. I have 2 great sa's that ship tax free for me. If it's something not that expensive I have it sent direct. I use only these 2 sa's because they help me any way they can finding items and to me that's what it's all about.
  7. I like Saks because if you make a big purchase during their double/triple/bonus point events the points rack up fast and you get a nice hefty gift card in February!
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  8. Would it be tax free if j live in Texas?
  9. For CHANEL, Saks has the best points program if you spend more than $10k a year (but you start at 0 again the next calendar year).
    The next closest would be Neiman Marcus IF you make President's Circle which is $75k spend a year.
    For other items that are often included more broadly in events (e.g., sunglasses, Tory Burch etc) I think Bloomingdales is pretty good with their power points etc. although their Chanel points earnings really does pale painfully in comparison to Saks
  10. That is great that you have SA that will ship tax free, I am really interested! May I get your SA contact info? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I work at Jeffrey New York. We do carry Chanel. We don't charge tax when shipping outside New York and Georgia.
  12. Hi, MissyB, can I get the names of your SAs at Saks NYC? Thinking of making a purchase there. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi, Missyb, would you be willing to share your SAs at Saks NYC? Hoping to make a purchase there. Thanks in advance!
  14. Jeffrey do you have a contact info for buying chanel?