Best store in the OC/LA area?

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  1. Hello everyone. I'm a newbie here on the forum and I've been planning on picking up a new addition to my LV collection. I got my first bag in Maui while we were in our honeymoon and got the best customer service EVER!!
    So I was wondering -- which LV stores/boutiques in the OC/LA area is the best to go to? I haven't gotten very many positive reviews with the LV store in SCP so I needed some advice from those that would know best?
  2. If you are free tomorrow we are having a TPF meet at SCP and would love it if you could join us.
  3. I usually shop for my LV's at the Beverly Hills LV. I Hate Century City and the Beverly Center. Never had any problems at the SCP LV
  4. I would love to join you guys. Can you please send me the info for the meet? Thank you.
  5. Since you have less then 5 posts I can not PM you and you can not PM me. I normally do not post this info publicly but.... We are meeting at the Nordstroms Cafe tomorrow (Sat) at 11:30AM. The Cafe is on the 3rd floor in the Nordstroms. Do you think you will be able to join us?
  6. I shop at SCP and they are always very nice. They also tend to me extremely busy. At Bloomingdales in SCP there is a very nice women named Ashley Smith who is very helpful.

    Beljwl, I was going to be around SCP tomorrow, but now I'm not sure. I'll drop by if I am. You can meet my new baby.

  7. Would love to meet him...

    Do you have my cell#? (it is on the evite) If we are done with lunch and you wanna meet up with us. Just call me and I can tell you where we are at.
  8. Beljwl - I would love to meet up but i wont be in the SCP area until early evening. Hopefully I can meet up on the next one.
  9. My favorite SA is Brad at Saks SCP. He is very nice and knowledgable.
  10. Oh no! The SA's at the Beverly Center one are so nice! Though I do agree about the Century City one--it's so small and nobody ever wants to help you!
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  12. Beljewl took me to the Rodeo drive store and they were super nice!!! Rodeo shopping was my favorite.

  13. You should get your a$$ back here so we can do more shopping on Rodeo!!!!:graucho::graucho:
  14. Just got back from the SCP LV and WTF!!!

    Here is a full recap from the meet today.

    Just got home from the meet... Had a blast, as always.
    Since it is about 40 miles each way, 2 other tpf'ers drove out there with me. We got there around 11:15 and stopped in Chanel for a few minutes. Then we went over to the Nordstroms Cafe, where we were meeting for lunch. I had said 11:30 on the evite. So the 3 of us waited until 11:45 and at that point only one other person showed up. So we went in and ordered. Then one other person showed up while we were in line ordering. Right after we sat down another person arrived. So at that point there was 6 of us. At about 12:30 I get a phone call from a new person wanting to know where to find us. So her and her boyfriend joined us. We waited for them to finish their lunch. Then off to shopping we went. First we hit up Chanel. We were there for about 20 minutes. Then we went over to LV. At LV the one person that came late bought a damier speedy 30. THis was her first LV. She was so excited. I have no idea why LV can be such cheap a-holes. Since this was her 1st LV and she was shy (and I am not) I made sure to ask for a bigger dustbag. The SA at first said that each bag came matched with it's dustcover and there was nothing that she could do. I spoke up and said that I got bigger dustbags for all my speedy's and one of the other girls who was carrying her speedy said she got a bigger dustbag too. The SA was pissed and said she will see what she can do. She got the bigger dustbag. They handed her the speedy in a brown bag. I said that she wants a box. So the SA was really pissed off at this point. She said well we are trying to go green and normally don't give boxes. I said that is fine but she would like a box. So the SA came back with her speedy still all folded up in a TINY box. I then had to ask for a box that she can store it in when it is unfolded. You would have thought I was such a demanding ***** and asking for something totally unreasonable. She got one that was a tight squeeze. WTF is it about LV. You are spending over $700 for a bag and they make you feel like you are asking for so much by asking for a dustbag that will fit your bag and a box. Oh and at one point the SA said well I do not understand why you need this, since we store them folded, you should too. WTF F-you just give us a dustbag and box the speedy will fit in!!!!. We were there for about an hour. Oh yeah one other TPF'er joined up with us while we were there. So we ended up with 9 people.

    Then we hit a bunch of other stores. We did not leave there until about 5PM.

    I was good. I did not buy anything except my turkey sandwich.

    One of the other girls would have bought a pomme brea pm but none of the 3 LV's in the mall had any.
  15. beljwl, sounds like you guys had a nice meet!! I'm surprised at the lack of CS at LV. I always get a box and a dustbag that is suitable for STORING the purse purchased. It's definitely more GREEN to get a box and a dustbag that you're able to USE and REUSE for many years to come. tsk.