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sassy mama!
Apr 3, 2008
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I am sorry if this has been here before, I tried searching all the threads. I really need a kit that is great for someone in their thirties. Origins, Kiehls, or anything, that you reccomend. But , something that is easy to use so I can just put on daily and my skin looks radiant. Thanks in advance:yahoo:

Couture Dreams

spidey kisses
Dec 29, 2007
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I use Keihls at it works wonder. I dont know if age really matters. Im still in my teens, but my mom (in her 40s) uses it too and it works good for her.

I had a really uneven skin tone and it helped even me out a lot. my skin looks a lot brighter too. Besides the 3 step set isnt very expensive.


Nov 28, 2005
if you're looking for a skincare regimen to try out, i'd hop over to the mario bedescue site and full out their online consultation questionnaire. after you've filled it out and answered various questions about your skin, they'll make various product recommendations and e-mail you (within a few days) asking if you'd like to try samples of the recommended products. they're free so there's nothing to lose and i've heard good things about their skincare range :tup:.


Apr 21, 2007
Thanks jc2239 about that info about the Mario Bedescue site!! I'll have to take a look at that one myself.

But has anyone used the Murad facial set before? I've seen infomercials for it on TV and have been wondering about it.