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  1. Just wanna to have some fun. Tell me ladies, what are the best spring/summer 2006 bags you've ever bought?? Anymore bags you're planning to buy??
  2. Well, I'm loving my Mercer Satchel from Hayden-Harnett and am awaiting another in Chalk (white) which should be here any day.
  3. just ordered paddy pocket in tan and am eyeing a couple chanel bags at the moment...really love Jill's Lux Line pretty!! :smile:
  4. Kenneth Cole "Jumprope" bag in white leather and linen. I took photos for a friend. Sometimes I want to give heavy leather a rest. It has a very original design.
  5. That looks like a really fun summer bag!
  6. Yep, very cute summer bag! I would love to have that one on my next cruise.
  7. I just bought a YSL and I love it! It's roomy enough for a bottle of water!
  8. My Bluemarine Tano Gerard!!
  9. Looking forward to the B. Fendi bag :biggrin:
  10. I still haven't bought anything I would consider my spring/summer bag. When I pick up a new scarf or fuschia bag that will be it I think.
  11. Blue Chloe Paddy
  12. KISKAT! LORD, I love that bag. I am a sucker for all things nautical.
  13. yes that blue chloe paddy is def the spring/summer bag!!
  14. I just got the Lumiani 4790 in Lime from Zappos.Com. I couldn't find a picture of it but this fuschia one is cute too. Only $103 including shipping- I love it! Leather is soft but definitely durable enough to handle my summer lifestyle:amuse:
  15. I bought a white Balenciaga Twiggy and a pale rose Purse. I bought a Chanel tote in gold metallic. I also bought a Gucci bag with off white leather trim for the summer. Quite awhile ago I bought an Emilio Pucci bag with a brightly colored fabric that I'll be using in the spring/summer. I also bought an off white bag from Cole Haan awhile ago that has never been used. I think I'm set for the warmer weather.