best SPF 30+ sunscreen for OILY SKIN?

  1. any recs? my skin is kind of on the sensitive side too, it always takes a bit for it to get used to a new product.

    i also don't want to spend too much, but any input on any products is appreciated.

  2. Eucerin Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30. It's made for sensitive skin and can be found in the drugstore! I love this stuff because it is so lightweight on the skin.
  3. i've actually never seen that one, but i surely will go searching for it now! i won't be too worried about trying it out since i'm not gonna be shelling out a ton for it. and it might end up working better than something expensive! thanks :smile:
  4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF 30

    I have really oily skin too and this is the only sunscreen I can wear on my face. The name says it all. It's not sticky. I prefer the SPF 30 because of the texture.
  5. I agree with the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF 30.
    My dermatologist reccomended it to me and I love it!
    I have really oily skin and it actually absorbs some of the oil. It gives a nice matte finish and it's great under makeup.
  6. I use Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion for Face/Body in SPF 33. They also make a SPF 50 or 55 one. It's easily absorbed and not greasy on at all.
  7. For some reason, I heard using really high SPF was kind of bad. I read in a magazine somewhere that said you needed just a -little- sun sometimes for vitamins to get absorbed. (ie - Calcium / Vitamin D)
  8. SkinCeuticals :tup:
  9. ^^^I agree!
  10. I like aveeno products. I swear by them!
  11. I love Neutrogena Ultra Dry with Helioplex. I use the SPF 70 and I'm on my third tube of it. Great stuff!
  12. I agree that the Neutrogena Ultra Dry is good to combat oily skin but I absolutely hate the texture of it. It's had to blend in and flakes off.
  13. I just bought June Jacobs and have been searching for years. I am in love with this stuff!