Best Spa in Boston / Best in New England?

  1. My friend Linz lives in Salem and I was thinking it would be fun to meet her in Boston for a spa day. I want to get the works - massage, pedi, mani, facial.

    The thing is, I want a really good spa. Spa websites can be a bit deceiving and I want a good one.

    Can anyone recommend a good (and spacious---not cramped) spa in the greater Boston area?

    Or if there's a really fantastic one, but it's just in the New England area, maybe we could get a driver to take us out there.

  2. Ooops, did I put this in the wrong forum? Maybe it should have been in The Beauty Bar?
  3. There are a lot of very good Spas on Newbury street......but this one has won the best of Boston every yr for the past 7 yrs......
  4. Thanks kbell!