Best souvenir of Paris - Chanel

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  1. I've just returned from my trip to Paris and shopping was definitely high on the list. I was hoping to get stuff from Rue Cambon but unfortunately I wasn't as lucky 😔. Shoes in my size were sold out and I didn't fancy any bags. Nevertheless, I did get lucky at other stores.


    First up, ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391944288.154980.jpg

    The customary dust bag shot

    Viola! My green glass pearl long necklace!

    Last box was an item that I was an item that I did not expect to find.

    The beautiful package packed by the SA.

    Ta-da. My coco world necklace!

    Thanks for sharing my joy 😊.
  2. Very very nice 😍😍😍
  3. Lovely necklaces.
    They are really the best souvenirs in Paris. 👍
  4. :drool: stunning!..congrats :loveeyes:
  5. They are both stunning, but that second one is AMAZING!
  6. Gorgeous necklaces! Congrats! Definitely the best souvenir from Paris !
  7. Beautiful necklaces! Congrats!! :love:
  8. Wow they are gorgeous. I'm going next weekend and trying to shorten a shopping list!! Love the second one to death- what is it called or serial number and could you tell met cost in €? Thanks and enjoy lucky girl
  9. Thanks for your lovely comments guys!
    @jan79: it's called Coco world necklace.
    Hope this helps! It was from the cruise collection I think. Not sure if they still have it in stocks cos I bought the last piece in the store. I bought it for €1850

    Have fun on your trip!
  10. Lovely purchases! Love the world necklace!!! Congrats to you!!!
  11. Beautiful necklaces! Congrats!
    The Coco world necklace is from AW, i've been trying to get the ring in the smallest size, but didn't get as lucky as you.
    Enjoy both!
  12. Dear Eunice! So glad you got home safe and sound and I'm finally able to see your loot! I looove both of the necklaces! I especially love the coco world necklace but the first one is so fun too! Enjoy and I'm now off to the H forum to see your heap of treasured orange boxes!
  13. What great souvenirs from Paris. The necklaces are stunning. Congrats!
  14. @JCMB: oops my bad 😜. Thanks for the correction. I saw the ring in Paris! Prolly the last 1.

    @poohbag: aww thanks poohbag! U're the sweetest! That's why u're my shopping soulmate! 😘
  15. Gorgeous pieces! Congrates!