Best Sneaker for Zumba?

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  1. Hi All,
    I've been on a quest lately trying to figure out the best sneaker for my Zumba classes. I've tried Ryka and Asics Gel. They both seem fine but I"m thinking there might be an even better option available that I"m missing. I"d love to hear everyone's suggestion on their favorite shoe for such a high impact aerobics class.

    Thanks in advance for your input!
  2. I'm not sure your motives behind this. If the Asics and Ryka seem fine, what else are you looking for in a shoe?

    Have you looking into the dance/fitness shoes?
  3. It's primarily a dance class and you should be careful of twisting your knee if wearing sneakers.

    Some people like these:
  4. Lol, I"m fairly fussy. The Asics seem a bit stiff or almost too high in stability for all the side to side movement I do in a Zumba class and I'm wondering if the Ryka has enough cushion?

    I might not find the perfect sneaker for Zumba as I"ve heard from other's it's not easy. Even my instructor mentioned it took her going thru dozens of sneakers before finding one with just enough balance in the areas I mentioned. Good to know I"m not alone.;)

    I might check into Nike next. Wish me luck!
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    Oh wow. These look great.
    I think my flat arches make it all the more challening to find the right zumba sneaker but these might be just the ticket!

    Thank you!!!:flowers:
  6. I might have to try one of these!! Comfort wise I have a pair of Asics running shoes that I love. Not that they are made to Zumba in but they are still comfy.

    FWIW my instructor has a pair of Nikes. No idea what kind other than they are white with a pink swoosh. She did tell everyone not to waste their money on the Zumbra brand shoes - apparently they are not very good.
  7. Then your current shoe isn't "fine", is it? ;)

    Like I mentioned, there are active dance specific shoes, like the ones linked above, so perhaps look in that direction. Any dance website/store should have them and be able to advise you.

  8. Funny you should mention these. I tried them during Zumba last night and they were absolutely perfect! They have a pivot circle on the sole which allowed me to make the turns quite easy. I kept pace with the instructor and I know that's huge in part in finding the right shoe finally.

    These shoes are so comfortable that although they are designed to be a dance sneaker I already ordered a second pair. They're absolutely adorable with jeans!!

    Thanks all for the suggestions! I'm glad I didn't settle with sneakers that were just okay and kept searching...
  9. I'm glad you liked them. I need to get another pair myself, just so I can coordinate better with my gym clothes! Haha.
  10. I am glad I came upon this thread. I discovered a latin dance class while my kids are having their swim lessons. I think I am going to join the class instead of sitting by the pool watching them swim..:biggrin:
  11. Like them - I LOVE your suggestion!!!!:flowers:

    Today I purchased the spenco gel insole and what a beautiful combination that makes with these sneakers. You should try. It gives it just that little extra cushion since this is more of a flat shoe.

    What color do you have? I have the white (one just for zumba and the other for casual) and am already thinking of a pretty but darker color for winter. Maybe grey with pink? There isn't a good variety on the internet so I"ll probably call Nike direct to see what they have in stock.
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    Oh yes - definetely try a class.
    I haven't been this excited about a workout program since I can't remember when. I have SO much fun with the ladies in class and before I know it I"ve danced for an hour working up quite a sweat. Love love Zumba.
  13. The black with a white check mark. I really am liking the grey ones though, they would match my weight lifting gloves, haha.