Best Smelling Body Lotion???

  1. I'm so upset...... I recently purchased the Victoria Secret's Sweet Temptations body cream, body spray, and perfume. I thought I would smell good all day but no one notices........ I can smell it on me but when I use to wear VS Love Spell I got compliments all the time.
    So what do you ladies wear or recommend?? I was told to layer on scents to make it last but I guess Sweet temptations doesn't work :cursing:
  2. body shop body butters, or try philosophy's body creams. they come in all these scents. melon daiquiri!! or..lets see. theres bath and body works. those are always fool-proof and the scent always seems to linger all day
  3. Try Bliss Body Butter. It comes in plum-plum (which I'm currently using & my personal favorite), vanilla+bergamot & lemon+sage.

  4. from my experience, anything from VS is pretty strong... some of my male friends used to joke and tell me that they can smell me coming from blocks away. i know Love Spell is very popular, but it's not my personal favorite. i often buy a variety of different scents, but my one and only fave is Endless Love. one of my ex-boyfriends also preferred this scent because it's not "fruity" like the other ones i have.

    my every day lotion, though, is Johnson & Johnson softlotion creamy moisturizing oil (or something like that)... it doesn't have a strong scent, but it's great because it's not too overwhelming.
  5. I love Love Spell and Bath & Body Works stuff but the scents I like are all discontinued. They had Butter Cookie and Strawberry Nectar.
  6. People probably commented on your Love Spell because that scent is so popular!
    I recently bought some lotion from VS... it smells pretty similar to Love Spell. I think its called Pure Seduction (the bottle is at school, sorry). I think you would like it!
  7. Creme Brule Body Souffle from Laura Mercier.. Definately.
  8. Romance perfume and body souffle. sexy.
  9. I lik body oil better then cream. I jusr massage oil from body shop and scent it with vanilla, put it in just s i'm getting out of the shower and I smell fresh and soft. I find it also helps with perfume to stay longer, mind you I only spray that on my lower back ( sweat point) and it seems to work and last.
  10. Philosophy Waffle Cone! Yum!
  11. Here's one more body shop body butter lover, they all smell heavenly..!!
    +I love the fact they keep my atopic super dry skin in good condition. Their body oils are great aswell!! :yes:
  12. I absolutely love Tarte au Citron by Laura Mercier! I also like the bath gel in the same scent.
  13. Sephora has these body butter/cream things in a small jar. I like the white peach, it's smells oooh so fresh. :yes:
  14. I agree with Hysteric ! Plum plum smells so good! Does anyone know where I can buy this? I went to sephora and they're not going to carry this one anymore.... I checked and they don't have it either. :sad:
  15. I love philosophy scents. Falling in love is my fav but I use several others as well.