Best small LV accessory for...

  1. I need to store my store credits, gift cards, etc. in something small as it will go inside my purse. It will stay in my purse always, so I don't forget these items. I was thinking a cles, but I wouldn't use it as a key chain, I know. (I use the pochette extender as a keychain.) Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I like the pocket organizer for stuff like that, you could also do a carnet de bal but it depends on how many cards you want to store in it.....
  3. I love the pocket organizer too
  4. def go 4 the cles!!
  5. I think the cles is a great idea, it holds plenty...and some don't use it as a keychain, so it's can hook it onto the inside of your purse if you've got a hook, d ring or zipper??
  6. Cles! I got the perfo one because it's a little bigger so I can fit more into it. :flowers:
  7. Go for a cles!!
  8. Go for the Cles!
  9. The cles is great. You don't have to use it as a keychain. As was stated before, you can just hook it to the inside of your bag if you have a D-ring in there.
  10. It's a toss up. I have both the pocket organizer and cles. I prefer the pocket organizer. It works best for me. Plus, you could get the pocket organizer hotstamped...
  11. [​IMG]
  12. that's a good idea, too, karman! how do the plastic sleeves hold up? what's that cute denim item posted by bag fetish? THANK YOU!
  13. How about the LV MC Mini HL? I have the white one, and it can fit in most medium-large purses. I also use it for evenings or light days out. I like it because it looks like someone magically shrunk my MC Speedy (also in white). ; )