Best small cross body

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  1. Ok, I've been lurking forever and am finally ready to take the plunge and purchase my first LV. What is the most user friendly small cross body? I would only put iPhone 6s Plus, small wallet and keys in it. It's a plus if there's an outside pocket or slide in for my phone. I like having it easy accessible. I'm open to discontinued items on the resale market too. Any suggestions and why?
  2. i love crossbody bags. i find the odeon pm and bloomsbury pm to be excellent choices and both have a front pocket that will hold your iphone. they are both pretty readily available on the preloved market. as for new styles, i am interested in taking a look at the mabillon. i have not tried it on irl, but like that it has a front snap pocket as well as a hidden slip pocket for an iphone. and then there's always speedy b 25 or if you want to go smaller and simpler, do what i did today and get a pochette and add a crossbody strap. best of luck with your decision! oh and ps, there's always the eva and the favorite, but i don't love the favorite because of the magnetic flap closure as i prefer a zip closure.
  3. I agree with luvspurses, the odeon and Bloomsbury are probably the best cross body bags...I have the Odeon and had the Bloomsbury and sold it....Definitely regret selling ! I also have a Pallas be which I love as a cross body bag..I normally wear the odeon and Pallas bb over the shoulder vs cross body....
  4. Luvspurses....I have been thinking about your suggestion of pairing the pochette and crossbody strap. How much can you fit in it. Can you post a pic?
  5. Maybe a Pallas Clutch? It's small, but it has an outside pocket.
  6. i have an iphone 6 and carry that and i put my cards/cash in a cles and then put my keys in and small bottle of hand sanitizer. that was about it so it doesn't hold tons but enough when i just want my essentials. the odeon and bloomsbury hold a lot more.
  7. i use my favorite pm and speedy B but would definitely recommend the bloomsbury if you're looking strictly for cross body.
  8. I love the Bloomsbury pm. It is probably my most used LV bag on a daily basis. It has a front pocket that snaps and I always throw my iPhone 6 plus in the front pocket and then run out the door. Is thee an LV store near you that you could try some different options on and see what works best for you? :smile: Good Luck!
  9. Twice or mabillion. They both have zipper section, hidden pocket and snap front closure. Twice is smaller than mabillion but comes in a variety of colors/print (DE) or empriente. Mabillion only in mono (with vachetta straps) They both will hold the items u mentioned plus more and are great crossbody bags. The slip pocket will hold ur iPhone 6 Plus easily too. I have both and I love them!
  10. If you only carry a few items try the Felicie
  11. Twice and Pallas BB both have a slip pockets.
  12. Pochette and add a cross body strap.
  13. I love my Odeon PM and highly recommend it! A crossbody bag is all about ease. The Odeon has an external pocket for your most needed items. A zipper top which allows you to access items while the bag is on your body without having to fumble with straps or buckles. It also lies flat to your body so it doesn't stick out and bump into things or people! Bloomsbury would be another great option if you want DE!
  14. I love the bloomberry pm, it's easily my most used LV. It's small but can actually hold more than it looks. It's a low profile bag it doesn't stick out much even when fully stuffed. It also has a front pocket with a snap button which is great for things you want easy quick access too like your phone or keys. The Pallas clutch looks like it might fit the bill for you too. It's smaller than the Bloomsbury but it still has a outer pocket, however I have no idea what you can fit in the outer pocket it may not fit a cell especially if it's a larger size screen.
  15. Felice, it has an inside slip pocket for phone
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