Best Skinny Jeans?

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  1. I'm finally giving in to the what makes the most flattering skinny jeans? I do need a pair to wear inside my boots. I was looking at J Brand since most of the celebrities seem to like it. Any recommendations?

    I usually wear Hudson, R&R or SFAM...

  2. i like blue cult n citizens, but i think its different for everybody
  3. I just got two pairs of PAIGE skinnies and love them. I got blue hieghts in onyx and skyline peg in a cool dark grey wash over blue type of color.

    These colors and sizes fit perfectly in my usual size -- although, in the standard denim I would have had to go up a size, so you may want to try them on at the store rather than ordering online, or order from revolve.
  4. IMO....J Brand
  5. I have the Seven For all Mankind dark and Joe's dark, both from Bloomies and I love them !!
  6. I have R&R 'costello' and Joe's 'cigarette.' Both are more straight leg and not extreme super skinny.
  7. I have a pair of J Brand and I think they're overrated. I like Paige denim the best.
  8. hmm i think skinny jeans also depends on the individual's body...
    true religions work best for me...
    i've tried on a pair of j brands too and i think they're okay
  9. Which wash in the R&R Costello did you get?
  10. which wash did you get for the costello?
  11. J Brands are nice, and I LOVE Earnest Sewns!
  12. 7FAM skinnys are overrated, I tried them on and they did not look or feel how i was expecting, I have 2 pairs of sass & bide misfits and they fit really nice:smile:
  13. I just recently fell into the skinny trend. I would never thought in a million years that I would actually purchase a pair of skinny. Just couple months ago, I would have never ever predicted that I would ever own a pair. I originally purchase a pair of TR skinny to tuck them into my boots, but after playing 'dress up' with my shoes, they actually didnt look that bad. So after my TR, I went and purchased a pair of 7FAM and a pair of j brand. I would say the Jbrand has the best fit for me!

    J brand first, and then TR sencond. 7FAM, ehhhh.. try 'em on and see how ya like it!
  14. [​IMG]
    I got these...not sure what the wash is called. They're great!
  15. J Brand and Earnest Sewn are great! And they don't have any excessive pocket designs etc. so they go with everything
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