Best skinnies-not low-rise

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  1. I saw great J Brand skinnies in Bloomingdales today but they were low-rise. I have extremely thin legs which makes skinnies quite flattering on me:tup:. However, after having 3 children, I can't wear low-rise cause I am self-conscious of muffin-top:nogood:! There must be a great mid-rise skinny. I currently have a pair by JET that works but I'd like something new in denim or black. TIA!
  2. cheap mondays come in regular rise or high waist and usually their regular ones are pretty high compared to rocks and such soooo try them!
  3. Theory's!
  4. Really? I should go try a pair!:nuts:
  5. J. Crew's Matchstick and Toothpick jeans don't sit that low and they're super comfy.
  6. My absolute favorite skinnies are the Current/Elliot 1989 legging jean. They are super soft and comfy, and have an 8" rise, which I don't think is that low. The only downside is that it comes in a dark wash only, not a regular blue/denim color.
  7. EDIT: I just checked, and it looks like Barneys carries a light wash denim...
  8. J Brand does have a mid-rise as well... Not sure what stores carry them...
  9. AG Premiere cut, skinny with a higher rise (and looong inseam, 35"-36"... I got mine hemmed a good 5 inches and they still look great).
  10. i have the same problem. i'm looking for good skinnies with a not so low rise. i have skinny legs too so a lot of brands never fit in the legs. any rise thats lower than the j brand midrises but higher than the low?
  11. I'm definitely going to head over to J Crew. What is the difference between Matchstick and Toothpick?
  12. American Apparel has a pair of REALLY good high (more like mid) waist skinnies. Love mine! And they're so stretchy, i could seriously do yoga in them.
  13. thanks for the suggestion! i just bought a pair, and they are amazing! the rise is higher without being mom-like, and the legs are just skinny enough. i want to get them in an array of washes.
  14. J Brand has a mid rise version of their classic skinny. I found them on :smile:
  15. sevens and citizens are more of a regular rise, i would recommend those. and like ItsMyWorld said, Jbrand does come in a MidRise and as well as a HighRise