Best skincare line for mid-20's.


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Jan 19, 2008
Ive heard many ppl say that you must start using anti-aging products from abt 24yrs old. Well, now i'm there and I need to start! But I dunno where to begin!

I want to find some products that help prevent wrinkles, and is hydrating. But it MUST be suitable for my age. There are many anti-aging products out there but most of them seem to be quite intense and for a much older age group. Ive been to many different counters and all the assistants have told me something different each time. I went to Chanel and one assistant told me that I should use their products according to skintype (eg dry skin use hydrating etc), and that they dnt seperate their lines by age. But then I went into another Chanel shop and the assistant there clearly highlighted which line was for which age group! IM SO CONFUSED :confused1:

The best advice comes from real people like you guys who have tried the brands out there. Any reccomendations?

ATM, i'm using:

Estee Lauder Purifying 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser
Chanel Rectifiance Eye Cream
Khiels Abyssine Serum (tho they've taken it off the shel in HK and I have to now find a substitute)
Clinique Dramatically Moisturising Lotion (for the day)
Elizabeth Arden Good night Sleep Moisturising cream (for nite)

I real mismatch of stuff, I know :confused1:. Is it better for me to stick to one skin careline only? Is the stuff Im using too 'old'for my skin? I dnt really have wrinkles, but prevention is better rite? and my skin is combo skin, only a little oily on the tzone.

Please please help! My skin is counting on you guys! :girlsigh:


Feb 13, 2007
No, 24 is too young for anti aging unless you have wrinkles. Things that are hydrating or mild alpha hydroxy acids are good at your age. No retinol unless you have scarring or use it sparingly as a spot treatment on discolorations.

Look for products that are rich in alpha lipoic acid or with natual AHAs like pumpkin scrubs. Hydrate with [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Hyaluronic acid and alpha lipoic acids. Use SPF 20 minimum on your face.

I highly recommend Epicuren, Lucrece, Perricone and ilike. Perricone has a cell stimulating night cream Stimulcell that is good for all ages. Epicuren and Lucrece have a great AM moisturizer with AHAs.

I mix and match my products because I get bored and like to try new things. I'm a little older than you and no where near ready to use anti aging. Preventative is completely different. PM me if you have any questions or anything :tup: Since it sounds like we have the same skin type.

Don't get overwhelmed. I recommend you look into skin care active ingredients. Once you understand what each one does it's really easy to look at ingredients and know what they're supposed to do. :yes:


Nov 14, 2006
Its a very good time to start thinking about preventing the ageing of your skin! :tup:You wont need the strong anti wrinkle products for years and you might want to wait a year or so with age prevention, but its a good idea to start looking for/testing out new products. Thankfully a lot of cosmetics companies have lines targeting specifically age prevention, so you have a lot to choose from.

From the brands you already use :

Chanel - Beaute Initiale ( I would leave out Rectifiance for a few years )
Clinique - Superdefense
Estee Lauder - DayWearPlus
Kiehl`s - do you use masks on regular basis? you shouldnt be needing a serum at this stage, plus also remember serums shouldnt be used on permanent basis.

Other brands you might want to consider :

Kanebo - Sensai Silk
Shiseido - Benefiance day and night creams
Lancome - Primordiale
Loccitane - Immortelle Precious
Biotherm - Age Fitness
Guerlain - Happylogy
Carita - Progressif anti age smooth out line
Decleor- Vitaroma Prevention
DR Brandt - Lineless
Lierac - Deridium

Do you use sunscreen? Clinique dramatically different lotion doesnt have a sunscreen, so you should use a separate product, or choose a moisturizer that contains SPF.

Also , feel free to mix and match, it does not matter if its from the same line, what counts is that it works for your skin. :yes:


Feb 28, 2009
I'm using Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules, I think they are great! will update with the rest I'm using.. :nuts: