Best skincare for 40+?

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  1. After using La Mer, Chanel, Perricone, and countless others, I found the Biologuique Rocherche skin care line, the products can be purchased on-line at Rescue Spa.


    Get the Trinity ELE Attachment for best results:
    If you use it daily you will REALLY SEE results that are super accumulative.

    Instead of using the gel they offer (it is junk to be honest) I would highly recommend an Aloe Vera Gel as a conductor:

    Spritz with Rosewater whenever the gel starts to dry and you need it to conduct better:

    REFA: For antiaging, microcirculation, tension taming, lymphatic drainage etc. I absolutely love this device.
    The results are visible and it does so much. I personally have the smallest one, S Carat because it can go around the eye area. Amazing for depuffing eye area and/or the entire face (which is great in the morning): But the regular sized Refa Carat is also awesome for face AND body AND it holds more microcurrent charge.

    It is amazing for contouring the body (cellulite), even the scalp, and can be used under water, requires no electricity, etc.

    *Refa: if you wanted to place an order for one please call at 215.772.2766 option #3 on the menu. They are no longer on the website but can be purchased over the phone

    Creme MSRH. AM & PM Daily. perfect for any woman 40+. addresses all aspects of anti-aging and even contains wild yam & soy extracts for any hormonal imbalances that may be affecting the appearance of your skin.


    MBR Creme Extraordinary is amazing as well! An intensive moisturizing cream of unique lightness and freshness. Nourishing, hydrating, soothing & 24K Gold illuminating.

    Neck & decolletage:

    CellBust XT-A is one of the most amazing creams from the bust all the way up to the jawline. Use one jar and then switch to CellBust XT-M.
  2. I'm actually experimenting. I have been loving some of Kate Somerville products, Clarisonic, DDF scrub and Peter Thomas Roth masks and peel.
  3. Retinol from my Dermatologist.
    I have also starting to use Missha , a Korean Brand.
  4. I love drunk elephant products
  5. THe ordinary. Hands down. I use Buffet during the day, and rotate lactic acid and rose hip serum at night. I use L'Oréal brightening face scrub in the morning and By Terry face scrub at night
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  6. The products used should be for one's skin type but think exfoliators, masks, hydrating products, perhaps
    retina or product of that type helps with lines/wrinkles but healthy diet is invaluable & of course plenty of
    water & eliminate as much sugar in one's diet. Reducing stress also helps. Staying out of the sun also helps
    Milk is great because it helps with skin tone (firmness)
  7. Love that this thread has been revived. I am still using Retin-a. I am thinking about ordering the Nu-face.

    I also started to do my neck and hands.
  8. Thrown away all my foaming cleanser. Now i only use non foaming ones.
  9. Using a mixture of brands. The Ordinary, Algenist, Sunday Riley, Tony Moly and ItsSkin. I just bought some EveLom, Kate Somerville pink mask and a whole batch of Dr. Jart masks. Still using my Clarisonic every evening to remove makeup and sunscreen and my NuFace every morning...unless I’m rushing.
  10. I bought the NuFace and now need to take it out of the box! I switched to a Tao cleansing machine that is like the
    Clarisonic but I think that it is better in keeping the head clean.
  11. The hardest part of using NuFace is making sure you use it consistently. I used mine every day or every other day for about eight months and was very happy with the results. Then over time I became lax about it and have only been using it once or twice a week. That isn’t enough. I can tell the difference.
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  12. Tretinoin (Retin-A Micro) has been a lifesaver for my skin for a new years now. The only downside is the inability to get my face waxed. Small price to pay for how amazing that stuff is.

    Drunk Elephant Slaii Cleansing Balm
    First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser
    Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum (thanks hormonal hyperpigmentation)
    Retin-A Micro
    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream or Coconut Water Cream (depending on how dry I am)
    Bare Republic Mineral Face Sunblock

    That's my basics. I love masks, so I will use a Sephora mask of some type a few times a week, but that's my extra.
  13. I have been using Retin A and purchased La Mer Serum and mouisturizing cream. I wonder if the First Aid Cream can take the place of all the La Mer products I purchased??
  14. I think the most important thing is to stay hydrated inside & out. So a good moisturizer, cleanser, plenty of liquids, and non drying products. Powders are drying & honestly make most women my age I see look older. I stopped using any powder on top of my foundation & use a good moisturizer every day. Brand preference differs per individual but the concept is the same. I also believe less is more. The less products/chemicals I put on, the better. Most days I just moisturize then use minimal make up & use a good cleanser to remove. I want to age naturally & gracefully. I’m told I can pass for a decade or so younger but genes also come into play.

    I make sure to moisturize my hands & the rest of my body too because that makes them look younger & keeps the dry wrinkles away.
  15. I use Cerave am and pm lotions daily along Cerave hydrating facial wash with my Clairsonic once a day. At night, I use Beard’s lip balm to keep lips smooth and a tanning oil made with natural oils to stay moisturized...I sometimes alternate with Cerave body cream. I apply sunblock on my hands and my facial make up all have SPF. Wearing a hat at the beach/pool helps too. Increasing water intake is a goal. I recently started using Pacific facial mists too.
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