Best skincare for 40+?

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  1. If you're in your 40s the best skin care routine for your age:
    Drink Plenty of Water
    Boost Up the Collagen
    cleansing your face every evening
    Apply Eye Cream Religiously
    Get Your Beauty Sleep
    Use SPF daily to prevent further damage and choose a product that contains antioxidants to fight free radicals and help reverse some of the damage you already have.
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  2. So glad I already do most of these things (except the collagen). One thing that has actually helped me is going to hot yoga, which I have done regularly for over 12 years. The heat and sweating is so good for your skin. It does seem to slow the aging process!
  3. I just heard about another line of serums that are in the same price range as Timeless and are just as good. I have not tried them yet but I might give them a go this next time. They have these serums. 20% vitamin C + E + ferulic acid serum and a Coenzyme Q10 + matrixyl 3000 + Hyaluronic acid serum. Very similar to Timeless products and to Paula's Choice. Check them out on
  4. thanks-I will check this out too.
  5. i used a lot in the past and the only ones that work wonders for me is chanel le lift + origins ginzing (vit c). i'm asian and have a combination skin. i'm in my early 40s.
  6. I will always use the Perricone line. I've been using Perricone for the past 7 years, and my skin has never looked better ( and I've always had great skin! ). Before Perricone I'd been using Chanel for nearly a decade. With the Chanel, I always felt as if the products were sitting on my skin... my skin felt tacky, especially with the night time products and I never saw any visible improvement in the overall condition of my skin. I am 53 years old, I have an active lifestyle and I eat healthy for the most part and drink plenty of water. Once I switched to Perricone, it was only a week before my husband of 33 years commented on the clarity of my complexion. I work from home, so I frequently forgo makeup. I had to agree, my skin did look great. The best part is it felt great too... not tight, greasy, just clean and comfortable, and glowing. With Perricone, you shop by concerns and areas/ issues you wish to target. I wanted to maintain good skin and prevent premature aging. The Cold Plasma line is fabulous. There are so many great products form which to choose. This line can be a bit expensive, but it's worth it to get products that work, work together, and make you look and feel so good. For me, its money well spent. There are promotions on their website from time to time, replenishment offers to save a little money, larger sizes that are a better value...
  7. Perricone!
  8. I love Perricone too. I've been using it for about 7 years and don't see myself switching, ever.
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  9. I have changed my routine to add and get rid of so many products for the past 4 years. I so use mostly Korean skin care products and do a multi step routine but also like to try new products if something catches my eye.
    My HG product is French and it is BR Lotion P50. I buy it from Rescue Spa online and just bought their latest version which is supposed to help with spots and perhaps geared for a more mature skin. This to me has really made a huge difference in my skin. You can read about it in dept at Skin & Tonics online blog. It helped me understand the moisture barrier and ph of skin.

    I have been using the following for the past few week or months.

    Cleanser AM: May Coop but recently tried my son's Neutrogena gel cleanser and I love this with my Clarisonic.
    Oil cleanser for makeup removal: TATCHA, Amore Pacific and Shu Uemura
    Amore Pacific powdered enzyme cleanser for second cleanse at night.

    Next step AM PM- BR Lotion P 50
    Toner: Dear by Enpari or Naruko brand
    Serum/Essence: I change these around; May Coop, Blithe (the bean one), Sulwhasoo, Su:m37
    Moisturizer AM: TATCHA. PM: TATCHA, Amore Pacific, Mizon snail. I will usually add a few drops of Mizon Collagen, H.Acid or Snail ampoules to my moisturizer.
    Eye cream: Amore Pacific, sulwhasoo or TATCHA
    PM: follow with a oil over moisturizer if needed: Amore Pacific Green Tea, Sulwhasoo ginseng, TATCHA camellia beauty oil or Sunday Riley oils
    While my routine takes a few minutes the results have been worth it.
  10. I'll be curious to hear what you think of the P50 PIGM. I use the P50 every other night, but I've seen the newer one pop up on people's instagram pics and was wondering about it.
  11. There is a new version for lotion P50?
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  12. I haven't had a chance to comment on the effectiveness but these "The Ordinary" products are great. Each one targets one specific concern and you can choose to layer the products as you see fit. No fancy packaging or scents and at a superb price. I am a bit fed up of paying £30 to £70 per product so I'm happy to find this brand. So far I've had no reactions but I've only been using them two weeks.
  13. Excellent post! Though possibly applicable no matter what your age...
  14. I've literally also tried all of those! My concerns are existing wrinkles and rapidly aging skin with age spots.

    I just got my first Saranghae order and after 3 days, I'm hooked. I obviously haven't seen any changes in my aging skin yet, but the moisture and texture of my skin is incredible and that's 3 days.

    I would recommend checking out the Complete 5 Step Bundle from Saranghae.