Best skincare for 40+?

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  1. I just started to use the Timeless serums and already think I am noticing a slight reduction in my fine lines...this thread is a gift!!
  2. I was looking forward to trying out the Timeless serum I ordered earlier in the week. I just checked the tracking number and it showed the package was delivered on Friday. The problem is it wasn't delivered to my house! I have no idea where it was delivered. The mail carriers around here are beyond incompetent. I'll report it to the post office on Monday but I don't know what they will do about it.
  3. I absolutely love the Perricone line. You can select your products based on areas of concern. Also, read in a beauty blog ( Chriselle Lim) that hyaluronic acid as a supplement ( Fountain Brand ) is her brand of choice and it's amazing and Evening Primrose Oil are great to take. I began both a month ago. I get the Fountain Hyaluronic Acid from Net a Porter.
  4. Have you tried the La Mer products? I buy them in the US, but when I travel I get them abroad, much less expensive. I started out by only using their under eye cream and serum, then moved on to the facial treatment oil, the hydrating lotion, a mask, the tint foundation and powder, picked up a scrub and the body cream, completely in love and will be buying more soon.
  5. Epicuren Discovery is an amazing line - very little advertising, celebrity cult following, limited availability. You have to have a consultation in order to order through authorized retailers. It's much easier now though.

    I started in my late 20s and now I'm in my early 40s so my needs have changed. I purchased most of La Mer line last year. I've never stopped using the Brazilian propolis serum moisturizer but with the investment in La Mer, I got away from the regime. After two ED facials in a month, I am back in love. It's worth the effort. I like the ease of La Mer regime and will keep using the moisturizing creme but it's worth the effort that ED requires. Thalgo is also a great line.
  6. Try microdermabrasion it works for me and i am over 55.. Been doing this for years and then i started micro needling. I also estee lauder firming products . Just suggestions as they have worked for me
  7. I also LOVE Paula's Choice products. Seriously, it is the best skin care line I have ever used, and I have used almost everything. I am 42, have extremely dry skin. I use the Vitamin C, BHA gel, and the 1% Retinol. I have been using these for a year now, and my skin has never looked better. I find the BHA gel a miracle, and the addition of this product made my skin glow the most. The price point is excellent, and there are always promotions, so I usually stock up on products. With Paula, you are sure to get good quality products for a fraction of the cost of other high end cosmetics. The other day, I went to the drugstore to buy a primer for my skin, and the girl helping me thought that I was 27, lol!!!!
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  8. Hi gblma55: how is the microneedling working for you? I *just* started microneedling so I know it will take some time to work. How long did it take for you to see results? Thank you :smile:
  9. I've been really unhappy with my wrinkles lately and am very fed up with trying tons of products and seeing no results. So I actually just ordered the Beauty Bioscience R45 Introductory System that I saw advertised on HSN. It's a three phase anti-aging skin care system that targets wrinkles around the eyes and lips, my eyes are my biggest trouble area. For two weeks you use the first phase, then two weeks for phase 2, and another two weeks using phase 3. Each phase has a higher concentration of their specially formulated Retinol complex so you work up slowly which limits irritation while you end up getting a highly concentrated formula in the end. All the phase stuff might sound confusing, if you just look at the website you can see what I'm talking about, if you click "Shop the Full Collection" in the very top right corner it shows you all the science behind the products. I thought it sounded really interesting and since it's only a six week process I figured I'd give it a shot! I can't wait to get it and see the results! :smile:

  10. I've seen this on HSN (her father is highly regarded in the skin industry& she sells the products on tv)

    Let us know how you like this.. I think the last time she was on she was discussing a "tool" to use
    micro dermabrasion with a roller type device?)

    Hope you see the improvement in the areas of concern & good luck
  11. +1. I love Paula's Choice products.
  12. I like Merle Norman. I use the Brilliant-C cleanser, the Brilliant-C serum and the Retinol Night complex. Under my makeup I wear RoC soleil protexion daily anti-aging sunscreen with HA
  13. Agreed, I love Epicuren. I got into it looking for an arnica cream for post training soreness. I used to use one by Apivita, but they took it off the market. I tried Epicuren and it is very similar. From there I tried some of the skin care and other products and I've been impressed with everything.
  14. The ED Himalayan Superfruit scrub is fantastic.

    Off topic, but have you ever tried Cryoderm? My husband is a chiropractor so we have access to all sorts of topical products. Cryoderm is pretty much all we carry now since that is all people purchase. It's arnica and MSM. It is usually available only though a practitioner but I'm sure someone on Amazon sells it.
  15. Thank you for the recommendation, I will look into that! They might have it at the office I go to for maintenance. Thanks again!