Best skincare for 40+?

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  1. Dear all,

    I hope to find answers befor I go on spending a fortune on skincare products...

    Is there a skine care lin you strongly recommend for the skin of a 40+?

    I tried and tried and tried and tried an no pruduct met my expectations- really, most of them were as if I put Nivea on my face, best case. Worst case were blackheads and irritations and things you do not want to see in the mirror.

    Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

    Here is a list of products I've been using:

    Helena Rubinstein
    Kanebo (do they still exist?)
    Clinique (was good in my early and later 20ies but now- no way)
    La Prairie
    Oil of olays
    no namer


    So, please help an old woman!

  2. What are the issues you which to address?

    Anti aging? Wrinkles? Dry skin, dehydrated skin, oily, acne?

    Would consider a serum to be used day/evening & would also consider using
    products from within the same line..

    What are you using from Sisley?
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    I swear by Rodan and Fields. I have honestly tried almost every product on the market and these are the last ones I'll use.

  4. Try Omorovicza! I love their products!
  5. were using- long tima ago at a time when sisley wasn't a musthave product, but nevertheless it was extremely expensive, 1 product sth around 300 fr. No impact.

    Problems: wrinkles blackeads no glow, eyecircles. Just the amount of money I spent on products promising me to get rid of the eyecircles could be used for a holiday.. :cursing:

    I gues you missunderstood- I used products of the same line ie didn't mix them up.I am fed up with bying the complete lines again and again and again. No need to tell how much that is. Beeing over 40 and spending the value of 2.000 USD each year for skin care you can calculate how much this is, beginning with the age of 15. I am thinking about stopping that nonsens and starting Botox, as it is really cheaper.

    Additional problem is, that living in Europ we don't have access to the US products that seem to be more effective- I bought products from prescriptives during my stay in NY, those were amazing, but no way to get them over here.

  6. Not available in Europe:sad:
  7. ok. those are available over her- I'll give them a try!

    *edit: hahaha Budapest:smile: Just came back from there 3 days ago. Should have known before!

    Anyone having experiences with paula's choice? Thought about trying the products as well?
  8. That's too bad, they're coming though! Australia is next.
  9. yes, that's mean-- but in the meantime we are used to it: seeing things we'd like to have but won't get. This is why waiting lists from handbag designers work so well with us- we are used to wait :biggrin:
  10. I have used the Omorovicza cleansing balm which I can tell you is terrific. I also
    have used their copper peel which is a very thorough exfoliater & would recommend
    both. A little pricey but the copper peel you can get 2 to 3 treatments per tube

    There are some very good La Roche Posay products.. have you tried any of those?
  11. I have the same issue and have been searching for a new skincare line for my 44 year old skin.

    I've tried Alpha Hydrox, Philosophy, Olay, Lancome and a bunch of other small trial size lesser known name brands that I've received samples of, but I have yet to find something that works well either, but thats also reasonably priced.

    I was recently watching a Perricone MD infomercial that had me very tempted, but couldn't justify spending $75+ a month for a whole skincare routine! I don't mind spending about $30-40 or so per kit, but some of these lines are super expensive and Im not so sure that they work better than some of the cheaper ones. How about the RoC that Ive heard things about?

    My concerns would be anti-aging, loss of elasticity, clogged pores and overall clearer skin tone, optimally where I could get away with no makeup from time to time. Even ones that claim to offer this still don't help.

  12. Perricone is available on QVC with a 30 day money back guarantee.

    You have nothing to lose by giving it a try especially if there was
    a product that you were interested in..

    There are a few other skin care lines available on QVC that may be
    of interest to you as well & all the home shopping networks have a
    money back guarantee (QVC as mentioned, Evine & HSN)
  13. Thanks, but yes I did see it on QVC. They had a TSV just the other day but it was $169 for 90 days and even over the monthly payment option that they have, it's still $60 a month which didnt even include the cleanser...just the anti aging products like moisturizers, serums and treatments! I just can't justify that cost so looking for something that works just as well for less.
  14. I love Perricone. I am trying Algenist now but will be switching back when it's finished.
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  15. I'm 44 and I feel your pain! Lol. My skin is so much more sensitive than it used to be. I don't break out anymore, but I get dry and irritated very easily. And sun exposure has an increased tendency to produce brown spots on my cheeks and forehead. I hate it!

    I have had some success with Obagi products. I love their cleanser and toner and some of their hyperpigmentation treatments. I have to use any retinol product very sparingly as my skin reacts violently to EVERYTHING, it seems.

    Obagi has several different lines based on skin needs--some gentler, some more aggressive, and some only available by Rx. I believe. I would definitely check them out! Good luck! :smile: