Best Skin Lotion I Ever Tried! Detente !

  1. Has anyone else else tried Detente? just got my free sample last week from Détente - Dermal Nurturing Technolgies, and cannot beleive how healthy my skin feels and looks! They say it stimulates your own skin to produce antimicrobial peptides-that is the new thing in skincare. It also cleared up my friends excema -small spot on face, in just one day! Order free sample before they run out! I am going to order a regular bottle (ONLY $40.00 7oz) :yes::yes::yes::yes: P.S. I live in NYC, and would spend thousands on skin products, thanks to a friend i found this . just want to pass it on
  2. Thanks, will try this.
  3. thanks! just ordered my free sample!!
  4. Hey jazr! Just ordered my free sample as well...thanks for the information.

  5. Thanks for the link. Can't wait to see how it feels.
  6. I ordered a sample as well. I am especially interested, as their website says it may offer relief from eczema...which I get pretty badly on my hands.

    I'll keep you all posted.......but I am excited about the possibility of anything that gives me some relief from the symptoms.
  7. Thanks! I just ordered a sample.