best skin firming cream?

  1. I saw a pic of myself today and wow my skin looks saggy! no wrinkels, i'm not overweight, but my cheek areas were awful! i'm only 27!

    any good skin firming stuff? TIA!
  2. I like Clarins skin firming cream
  3. I started using the Natura Bisse Diamond Mask and glyco-peeling. I think it gave my face a big boost, IMO.
  4. I can completely relate! I couldn't put my finger on it in regards to my skin. I don't have lots of wrinkles but something didn't look right - Its saggy! What do others think about chanels sublimage for sagginess?
  5. For drugstore product, I like Roc Lif and Defining products. More expensive product, I use Arbonne products.
  6. Do you use Vitamin C serum?
  7. Depends on your budget.

    If you can splurge, go with

    La Mer lifting face serum and lifting intensifer ($285 for both) followed by Creme de la Mer ($110 for the small size).

    I'm 32, have "good" skin, but this makes it feel soft like a baby, no wrinkles!
  8. I like the Dior firming lotions, I use them on my thighs
  9. I just bought the Chanel night cream. It goes on kind of greasy but by morning it's not that way at all.
  10. la mer for wrinkles. i don't know about sagging skin though.... i think it's hard to firm up skin through products alone if it's already sagging... you might want to try non invasive laser stuff first and then maintain with products....

    or maybe toher ladies have good experiences!
  11. Any more suggestions? Has anyone tried the Avon products? I have heard they work really well.
  12. I'd like to know about Avon, too. I have been using Lancome products lately, but I don't think they even work as good as Olay products.......I just don't want to spend hundreds of dollars right now, and I know there are products out there that have the same ingredients as the big named diemethicone (sp), which is supposed to firm skin.......
  13. Boots No7 anti aging serum in either its British form (Protect and Perfect) or its US equivalent - Restore & Renew.

    Protect and Perfect was originally developed in 2003 by a team of 20 cosmetic scientists in the Boots laboratories - lead by Dr Steve Barton. It was Steve Barton who had first become enthusiastic about the success he had seen with sun-damaged and wrinkled skin when treated with peptides.
    Barton developed a serum unique compound with silicone, antioxidants and lipo-pentapeptides together with extract of white lupin flower. The team ran tests on 100 women and got fantastic results. Protect and Perfect was then launched in 2004 and became a consistent good seller in the No7 line.

    "let's be honest here: this is not a miracle cream. It's not plastic surgery. It will, however, reduce lines and reveal younger looking skin. It does what we tell you it will do: it makes you look the best you possibly can for the age you are."
    Steve Barton, Senior Development Chemist, Boots No7
  14. I love Ole Henriksen's collagen booster (it's an orange liquid) and his skin firming moisturizer.

    I would agree with coachwife and her recommendation for the Natura Bisse stuff.
  15. I am so happy with my skin right now. I never found a firming lotion that I think works great, but I am using Signature Club A Hyaluronic 1000 Ounce of Gold day cream from HSN. Hyaluronic acid is super-hydrating and, I swear, it plumps up my skin and makes it look firmer and younger. Incidentally, hyaluronic acid is what is found in the fillers used by dermatologists, such as Juvederm and Restylane. I also take hyaluronic acid orally and I am really loving the effects -- I actually think I see temporary lip plumping!