Best skin care line for men?

  1. Hello all!

    I know the majority of the population in the "beaty Bar" consists of females and I know I might get very little or no advice at all, But Im going to ask the question anyways... any advice will be greatly appreciated!

    So here's the issue. I just started with taking steps in taking care of my skin and keeping it looking youthful. However, my BF on the other hand is taking no measures in preventing his skin from premature aging.

    He looks young for his age, but wrinkles are starting to develop around his eyes, and I can definately see crows feet on the outside corner of his eyes. I know he has super sensitive skin, so ANY TYPE of retinol will give him milia seeds... as this happened with his old eye cream and like me, he stopped using it. So my question is, can men use woman facial product? I hear alot of good things about oil of olay, you gals think it would be ok for him to use the 'regenerist' line? If its ok, I would have to push him to use all the steps im using! LOL... cleansing, toner, SPF, eye cream, moisterizer... etc etc. lol.

    And, one last question...
    If you have a DH or a SO or a BF, and they have great results in thier products, can you recommend them here?

    sorry for long rant, but TIA!!!
  2. Clinique for men is really good, a lot of my male friends use it, and my DH does too!
  3. Funny, I was just mentioning this to my husband a few nights ago, that he should start trying a little something on his face. He is totally not into any of that, thinks its for women. To me its the equivilant of brushing your teeth, just generally taking care of yourself. I was thinking of just picking up something basic maybe from nivea or maybe roc. Nothing too expensive maybe from drugstore.
  4. Jack Black is a nice line for men as is the new Redken men's line.
    Many times, however, the products tend to be the same it's just the fragrance that differs. The exfoliators are usually harsher to accommodate the epithelial cells on their beard area. My man uses Bioelements like I do, his face is ultra-sensative, he never has any problems with their products and is quite pleased with them.
  5. I introduced my fiance to Biotherm's men's line - Biotherm Homme - a few years ago and he loves it. He was (and still is) a bit of a punk rocker type and I only gave him a few to get started: a moisturizer, eye gel, and shave cream. He loved them and has since expanded his routine (on his own!) to include night treatment, eye cream, serum, and exfoliator! He uses more skincare than I do!

    Your BF will really love how different his skin feels when he starts using good skincare and you won't have to push him - the results will make him want to add more products to his regimen. All he needs to do (and maybe you can help him get started) is to find the line that works for him. Get him a moisturizer from one line and see how that goes. I find that if a moisturizer doesn't cause sensitivity, breakouts, etc...then the rest of the line probably won't either. Good luck!
  6. And since you are just getting started yourself, here's my best advice to both of you: your best tools to combat premature aging are SUNCREEEN every single day (at the very least SPF 15), drinking lots of water, and healthy eating.
  7. thanks everyone for your awesome advices. I will do some shopping today!!!
  8. Bal newbie, did you see a big difference in his skin? Thats what I was wondering....what the difference is on someone that never used these types of products before.
  9. My fiance likes Lab Series. Makes his skin nice and smooth.
  10. Well, I think he notices more than anyone else would, you know. What he usually says is how soft and smooth the products make his skin feel, especially when he has run out and has gone without for a bit then gotten some more. He added the exfoliator and loves that. And just started using a night cream but no word yet.

    I think I notice more of a brightness and clarity to the face, like more refreshed. It never hurts to take care of your skin.
  11. my bf and my other male friends like Biotherm Homme too.
    but the product that my bf likes using the most is Olay classic moisturizer with fragrance.
    we swim together every morning and after he swims he always apply moisturizer on his face. alot of men actually asked him what product he is using and commented that they like the fragrance as well.
    once a week, we put on a mask together :smile:

    one unrelated questions: what does DH and SO stands for?
  12. to answer your other questions,
    men can defintely uses women skincare.
    my bf tried alot of eye creams before,
    he used to only use Olay total effects (the one in the little black tube). his current favorite is La Roche Posay active C eye cream.
    for anyone who just started using skincare products, i think retinol is too harsh.
    my bf also have slightly sensitive skin too.
    Avene is a good skincare for anyone who has sensitive skin.
  13. Nivea! Maybe I just think so because the Korean pop star Rain represents it. :p