Best Size for Everyday Kelly?

  1. I think Flossy Figaro posted comparison shots of different sized birkins and kellys, and ILML had action shots in the reference section. I find a 28 sellier perfect for me, but I am 5'2" (medium build - size 42/44 dolce -- Mooks I lost a little weight since we last chatted :smile: and wear jeans.

    I'm in the minority on tpf but I think retourne kelly in a 32 looks (this is my opinion only - please no one flame me) a little conservative; and in a dark color, the 35 kelly can look briefcase like in either retourne or sellier. But nothing beats trying on for yourself in real life.
  2. I am 5' 6" and 140 lbs and prefer a 32 cm kelly for everyday. I don't carry a whole lot. I have attached pics of 32 cm retourne choc togo, 32 cm sellier bdp epsom and 35 cm rg clemence birking for comparison.
    100_1948 copy.jpg IMG_0921 copy.jpg IMG_0910 copy.jpg IMG_0939 copy.jpg IMG_0898 copy.jpg
  3. GREAT pix English......its super to see side by side comparisons and you look gorgeous too!

    Lovely H family you have there!
  4. Thanks bagmoma! I am not a fancy person and use my bags very casually. I am about the same size as the OP bagshopr and thought it might be helpful to see the different options.
  5. Oy, gorgeous pics english :nuts: :love:
  6. Thanks miss piggy, was just a regular gal dressing to go to Safeway or sumthin' like that. When I am out in the yard scooping up after the dogs I sometimes wonder why I am wearing an Hermes scarf. Who am I tryin' to kid??? But back to original topic (I didn't mean to interrupt this thread), for me the 32 kelly is most comfortable for daily use, I find the 35 birkin a bit big because it is wider at the bottom. Maybe the 35 kelly is narrower than the birkin and would not feel as big.
  7. How about getting in and out of a 32 Kelly in a jiffy ?
  8. The 32 togo kelly is fairly easy for me to get in and out of. I keep everything in an organizer, so I know where everything is, and I use the shoulder strap when I want to get into the bag quickly without having to set it down. The 32 sellier epsom is a bit more stiff and annoying. I don't use the epsom as much for that reason.
  9. Thanks :heart:
  10. A 35 Kelly is the best! I have two and plan to get another when I go to Paris in May!
  11. Do the 35 kelly as long as you aren't thinking about it for evening!
  12. Bgshpr,

    For your stature, 5'7" (140#), I think u could go 32 or 35; best to try B4 U Buy!

    While yur there, make sure to try on a 28cm too, just as a comparison. I know it's not what u had in mind, but good to try all 3 sizes IRL so you see for yourself.

    Also, when u try on the 35 or 40 Kelly, also make sure to try on a 35Birkin too, just as a comparison.

    IMO, the 35Birkin is what u should get if u want a large capacity everyday bag. I think 35/40 Kelly bags are proportional for folks like ... Shaquille O'Neil, or to average height women who want a briefcase look (hey 880, I know at least 1 person won't flame me for sayin' that!)

    have fun trying on all those bags!
  13. Ooh, you ladies have been so helpful with your suggestions and the beautiful pics. I really value your opinions.

    I tend to dress casually, even for work. On the weekend it is jeans, on workdays it is a skirt and jacket, no suits. I hardly ever have formal occasions. So this bag would be my everyday, everywhere bag.

    I like the Kelly more than the Birkin, somehow it looks more finished to me. I think it bothers me when I see a stuffed Birkin with its closure flapping open. But of course I would not carry mine that way and I am hoping to try a Birkin when I am shopping. English, your red Birkin gives me palpitations it is so lovely!!

    Leather? Something casual, grained, and not heavy.

    Color? Etoupe, raisin, rouge H, any of the darker blues, perhaps black- I am fairly conservative but have a feeling that something will grab me when I see it.
  14. I have a 32 and a 35. I am a slim 5'9. I use the 35 size more.
  15. Definitely a 35 for me. I liked the 32 Kelly's, but I had to arrange everything in the bag to get it to fit.