Best Size for a Keepall

  1. I know Keepall Monogram has many sizes... I wanted a bag that I can use as an everyday bag and a travelling bag when I want to go out of town. What size should I choose? TIA!

  2. I have the 50 and i would say it would be too big for an everyday bag,so something smaller than that. How much are u wanting to carry?
  3. I like the 45 or 50...
  4. 45
  5. Umm I would say Keepall 50 with strap would be perfect for traveling, especially air travel. But for everyday use, I would recommend Keepall 45 with strap. It is the perfect size for everyday use with its spacious compartment.
  6. definitely 50 with strap!!!
  7. IMO, the Keepall isn't an everyday bag no matter how small you get it (even the 45 is too big).
    For traveling, I like the 50 with the strap since it gets heavy.
  8. I think the 45 or 50! I want the 50!!!!:tup:
  9. I want to carry it with the shoulder straps. :biggrin:
  10. 50 or 55. I really want a 55 in azur!!
  11. For simple overnight trips, the 45 is great for one person. But if you plan on sharing, let's say with your baby, then the 55 might be better. Or get two 45's ... LOL!
  12. I have the mc which is a 45, and I have a 50 with a strap! I absolutely LOVE them both!