Best Silk Button Down Shirt

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  1. I am looking for a white one in particular, that feels and looks luxurious with a slim, feminine fit.

    I've tried on Equipment and wasn't crazy about it- anything else? Who makes your favorite?

    Thank you in advance :heart:
  2. I like Thomas Pink and have been very happy with their plain white shirts.
  3. I'm actually not a fan of the silk Equipment uses - one wash and it's done. I really like Pucci silk shirts to be honest, the price is a bit steep but they're not impossible to find on sale
  4. Oh no! I just bought an equipment silk button down at Nordstrom Rack - gahh so disappointing to think it won't last through one wash...
  5. I have a gorgeous one from BCBG. I'm very impressed at the quality of silk. I imagine mine isn't sold anymore, but I would keep a look out at that brand to see if any more pop up. Good luck!
  6. Oh no, I'm sure it will be OK. I think it's just certain styles maybe? But the one or two I bought in the past, I had use a special silk wash and they didn't look the same. But this was years ago, so maybe they changed the material as a lot of ladies swear by Equipment. I think you'll be OK :smile:
  7. Last fall the Black/White shop had some classic & stylish white silk shirts

    Also, seems like Zara gets a big draw.. not sure about silk shirts
  8. Everlane has some beautiful silk shirts.
  9. Thanks katran26! I think I will keep it as I have so few button downs and I got it for a decent price at Nordstrom Rack. I'm trying to cut down on my dry cleaning though, so hopefully it'll go through the wash ok...
  10. For some reason I had thought of them as men's brand only! They have a boutique right next to my favorite cobbler IN THE WORLD. I will check them out for sure. Thanks!

    Yeah, something about their silk just left me wanting. I absolutely ADORE vintage Pucci dresses! Never even thought of getting a plain white silk short from them though. Certainly something to think about...

    I will check BCBG out as well- haven't bought something from them for ages for whatevet reason, but whatever I did buy seemed like they were quality.
  11. I will check out both- I've never purchased anything at Zara, but aren't they known as a fast fashion brand? Will their silk shirts use good, luxe-feeling/looking silk fabric?

    I know you don't have personal experience w/ their silk shirts, just asking any tPFers who do!

    Thanks for the rec! I've been always curious about them. I do like their effort to be transparent about cost- would you (or anyone ekse) say their silk shirts are on par with Equipment? They say "normal retail price" (not their stripped-down price) for their silk shirts should be $190ish, which seems comparable to Equipment.

    But then they say their bags' "normal retail price" should be $1300, and I don't know if I believe that...

    Sorry if I came across as overly picky- just trying to narrow down the selections (in spirit of KonMari-ing my closet and whatnot) so I have ONE killer one instead of 5 so-so ones. Most likely I will try a few of these, as many as possible in person and decide on one.

    Thank you so much for the recs everyone :heart: :heart: :heart:

    If anyone has any more, please keep them coming!
  13. Chloe do some great silk shirts, I have several and the are the best