Best shoulder bag???

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  1. What do you guys think the best shoulder bag is in Mono? What about in Damier? Im trying to decide what my next purchase will be...

    I have the reg batignolles & the damier speedy, so I think its time for a shoulder bag:yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:
  2. Okay - I think I posted this way too many times before but I love how roomy the ravello is. :smile:


    There are not a whole lot of damier shoulder bags but the reverse is true for mono. What size shoulder bag are you looking for? :angel:

  3. Two words - popincourt haut.

    Seriously, best bag - EVER ! :yes:
  4. :yes:coussin
  5. I like the Hudson. Very elegant. =)
  6. 0o0o0 yeah!!! :graucho: Hudson, BH :graucho:
  7. yes, the Popincourt Haut, Batignolles Horizontal, or Hudson. they're all good bags, except that the buckle on the Hudson may get in your way sometimes
  8. well...There's A LOT of good shoulder i'm gonna say ALL OF THEM!!! YES! BUY ALL OF THEM!!!! haha *evil laugh* lol
  9. you could try the mono tulum pm/gm, the mono tikal pm/gm, mono crossaint, or in damier the ravello pm/gm are great!! I love all these shoulder bags!
  10. I LOVE the way you think!:graucho::lol:
  11. :idea:
  12. mono= PH (the perfect shoulder bag i guess, i want one too..)
    damier= saleya pm
  13. Mono - Croissant MM
    Damier - Marais
  14. For monogram I'd go with the Tikal or Tulum and for damier I'd go with maybe the Parioli:
  15. Batignolles it!
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