Best shoulder Bag, opinions please!!!

  1. I am considering getting a new bag, but this time I would like a shoulder bag for shopping. I have a few things that the bag must have:
    1. must have a top zipper
    2. good shoulder straps, long enough to fit comfortable on, don't like pocketbooks to sit in my armpit!!!!
    3. a good size bag, enough for my stuff and if I have to put some of my sons stuff in there I can! (like when we go shopping...and he HAD to take his stuffed animal in the store and then doesn't want to carry it anymore!!!)

    What would you recommend??? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. How about Tulum, either PM or GM?
  3. Cabas piano,Tullum PM/GM, Tikal GM
  4. Maybe a Cabas Mezzo?:smile:
    its a shoulder carry,
    has a zipper closure
    and good sized. 14.9" x 13" x 6.1"
  5. Well the first bag I would reccomed is probably the MC Cabas Piano/Mezzo depending on which size you would prefer. This bag is definitly a classic LV and looks divine carried on the shoulder, It has good length shoulder straps so would fit comfortably, and has enough space I would think for your personal belongings and you sons if need be. Its also has a zipper closure.
    Alternitavely you could go for the Batignolles Horizontal/Vertical. This is another classic LV that is totally TDF! The only thing the Batignolles doesn't have is a zipper closure but it does have an interior zip pocket and a phone pocket. Its definitly spacious enough and has long shoulder straps so would sit comfortably on the shoulder! (You can see a pic of this bag in the visual aids section, alternitavely check to get better view of the bags! Both of these bags are definitly spacious enough to fit notebooks, planners, diaries and other essetials whilst still maintaining to look very sophisticated and fashionable!
    Good Luck with your descion and let us know what you deceide on!
    Hope i've helped.
  6. I recommend the Chelsea. Do you have a preference on whether you like Mono, Damier, Epi, etc?
  7. i'd say paino or mezzo


    Cite MM
  8. OMG, I was looking for almost the exactly same things and my hubby bought me a Viva-cite GM and I LOVE IT!!:love: I too must have a zipper top, and the shoulder strap is wide enough to make the bag comfortable and yeah it's a great size, I put EVERYTHING in there and with room to spare! Even with all my gadgets, it's still quite comfortable on my shoulder!

    Good Luck!
  9. Damier Highbury 11.4 x 9.2 x 4.3 single strap
    Chelsea 16.6 x 11 x 6.3 double strap tote

    Denim Baggy Pm 11.8 x 8.6 x 5.1 single strap
    baggy Gm 11.8x 13.4 x 5.1 single strap

    Babylone 15.7 x 15.7 x 3.9 double strap tote
    Boulogne 11.8 x 11 single strap
  10. Mono Batignolles Horizontal - i have it, and it's a very spacious bag :yes:. it has a snap closure at the top though, but if you keep it closed you can't really see what's inside. and the shoulder straps are VERY comfortable

    Mono Luco Tote - it's a very big bag, and it has a cell phone pocket, patch pockets AND two extra pockets inside. plus it has the zip top

    Mono Babylone - i don't like the shape, but it has the zip top and it's also very big

    Damier Saleya MM - i love this bag :tender:. you don't have to worry about having to take care of any vachetta, and it's a very big bag. it's one of the bags everyone's going crazy for these days :P.
  11. i bought HUDSON GM for a same reason. :P i normally use Montsouris GM since my baby is still 8mo and i have to carry diapers as well....but sometimes it's pain in the butt to get my keys or cell.

    well, this hudson GM, you can wear across your body or change it to short strap (sold separately) to wear under the shoulder. i love it! :yahoo:
    and it has a zipper top too! :lol:
  12. I also think the Hudson Gm would be a great shoulder bag, I was thinking of this one but my LV store didn't have any in stock.:sad:
    I didn't want to buy it without seeing how it looked on.
  13. Hudson GM is a beauty.
  14. That's the one I suggest!