Best shopping experience in NYC/looking for beige/gold CLs

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  1. Hey everyone , I'm looking for a pair of CL shoes for a party that would match with a particular dress. I'll post a pic of the dress too. I was wondering which store in manhattan would have the best shopping experience for CL. Best selection, good service (not snotty if possible) should I just go to saks??

    Here is a pic of the dress:
    Can anyone recommend a pair of shoes
    That would go well??

    Thank you in advance!

  2. It's pretty easy to get around and try all the stores if you have the time! I really like the Madison Ave. boutique, Saks, and Bergdorfs :smile: There are many more places that sell CL though, like Jeffreys, the horatio boutique, and some others. Good luck! Sorry I can't recommend an actual shoe though
  3. Shokran yousseff! Maybe I'll leave work early one day so I can hit saks and the Madison store
  4. Saks has a pretty good selection of CLs. I feel like you would have better luck there than Bergdoff but they're only about 8 blocks away from each other so worth checking out both.
  5. Afwan :biggrin: And since it's somewhat along the way you can also try Barneys! They have an okay selection, they had quite a lot of shoes last time I saw :smile: