Best shoes for study aborad


Jun 30, 2010
Hey all!

I will be studying abroad this summer in Europe (sooooo excited!!) and will be doing a TON of walking! I really don't want to have to wear athletic shoes while I'm walking around. I'm also not a fan of flip flops.

Are there any brands of shoes that will be comfortable to walk around Europe in for hours on end? Both flats and heels that don't go above 4". (I'm 6'.)

Thanks in advance!

I should probably add that I'd like to not spend too much money. $100 or less.


Ahh Money Penny...
Aug 23, 2007
Congrats!! Have fun in Europe!:flowers:How about a pair of ballet flats, converse or some sandals? I think you could find any of these for under $100. Just depends on what your style is. Also how about buying a pair when you get thre? It would be a great souvenir from your trip!:flowers:
Oct 20, 2008
try converse, vintage style k-swiss or the slim sport shoes like the street shoes from puma. if you go for converses, buy them here otherwise, get the shoes in europe so you can see what is popular there.

it's been a while but a friend of mine survived in bass weejuns for her year abroad so perhaps look into classic penny loafers. it's popular nowadays so you won't have any trouble finding all different styles. i personally like those from tod's as they are nicely cushioned with non-slip rubber soles. but if you prefer hipper, prada has some nice ones.


Jun 30, 2010
Hmm, I'm not really into converse. I do like ballet flats and preppy styled shoes, so I'll look into those. Thanks for the suggestions. Any others?


Jul 19, 2006
Since you will be there in the summer, how about some cute flat sandals in a beige or tan color that will go with everything? You should be able to find a good pair under $100. A pair of flat sandals in a metallic leather would be great, too. J. Crew always has cute flat sandals for around $100. They are comfortable and hold up well, plus they won't take up much room in your luggage!


Jan 4, 2006
The first time I studied abroad...uh, don't remember. It was probably a pair of Treetorns for casual shoes and a pair of HH Jones New York suede shoes for dressier occasions. The JNY were INSANELY comfortable and I was actually able to walk a distance in them.

The second time I studied abroad I brought 3 pairs of shoes, NONE of which I was actually able to wear when I got there (I overestimated the healing capacity of my broken foot.) So, while in Rome, I ended up buying a pair of orange mesh Rockport lace-ups. I don't know if the funky orange shoes had anything to do with it, but NO ONE thought I was American. Whatever country I visited, everyone spoke to me in their native tongue.


I·R 1/f
Feb 2, 2010
I'm excited for you! What countries are you visiting?

When I studied abroad I took ballerina flats, TOMs, sparkly flat sandals, and wedge espadrille heels. The flats were for "professional" attire, TOM's for walking around, and the sandals & wedges for "schm-exy" nights out.

I hope you have an awesome time!