Best shoes clobber in San Francisco?

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I wanted to know where I can find the best shoe clobber place in San Francisco to seal my red Louboutin soles. Someone mentioned some red rubber soles being sold on eBay, So I went ahead and purchased a few. Since I paid so much $$$ for my shoes, I wanted the best job possible. Someone mentioned a place in the 925 area code, but thats a very long drive for me.

    I was thinking about the shoe repair place in the West Field Mall, on the concourse level, thats where I usually get my heels replace, but Im not too sure of thier job as far as getting my soles sealed.

    any ideas would help!

  2. You mean a cobbler :smile: (I think, lol). I'd love to know how sealing the soles turns out... I don't own any CL, since I am so hard on my shoes and would hate to lose that color.
  3. ooops. lol. I meant cobbler. :blush:
  4. Anthony's on Geary Blvd. Oh, if you want to sealed your CL there's also a place in Three Embarcadero Center. They did all my Topy sealed bottoms including my Chanel Biker boots! Great service too and good.
  5. ohh thanks much! I will look into it..
  6. ooo, i'd like to know too. What's the cross street for Anthony's?? TIA.