Best shipping carrier to use for shipping United States to United Kingdom?

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  1. This is my first time shipping an item (sold on eBay) to the United Kingdom. Any suggestions on the best carrier? Should I use United States Postal Service or UPS or someone else? I'm just really paranoid about package getting lost, tracking data being unreliable, etc.

    Thank you, any suggestions welcome!
  2. I would suggest using USPS Express Mail International. It is fast and reliable.
  3. ita.
  4. I always use USPS. The prices aren't astronomical, and I've never had a problem with anything getting lost or delayed at customs. However, if you're shipping an item with a smaller value, you might not be able to add insurance. The last time I tried to insure an item I sent overseas (it was just a t-shirt from Victoria's Secret), the minimum I could have paid was $25, which cost more than the shirt itself. I don't have to ship internationally very often, but I don't seem to remember that being an issue in the past, so maybe it's a newer policy.

    I also seem to recall hearing that if you ship internationally with UPS, they tack on a lot of extra fees and charges that you won't get with USPS.
  5. I agree with everyone. You can still get tracking with USPS Priority International as well, and it's a bit cheaper. I haven't had any problems yet, and I've sent several items overseas.
  6. most of the stuff i've had from the states was sent express, it does give peace of mind to be able to watch its journey !
    ^i had a bag sent priority once, but there was no tracking, you could see it had been sent by the customs ref number but that was it
  7. I used USPS EMS Express Mail. Was there in three days.
  8. If it's not an expensive item,I would say just send it via normal post.