Best Shipping Carrier Recommended for Pricey Bags

Aug 14, 2009
hi there,

i am pretty new to selling and recently sold a bag for about $900. for those who sold pricey items before, which carrier would you recommend?

i was planning either fedex or ups. but reading accounts from various sources, it seems like fedex doesn't really offer "insurance". so i typed and asked, and they gave me the following response:

"FedEx does not offer insurance coverage. However, we provide protection for your shipment based on its "declared value" - our maximum liability in the event of damage or loss."

and from reading accounts, some people only get $100 reimbursement, even if their package was declared at a higher price. this makes me wary.

and then someone on tpf had their package tampered with while going through ups.
so that leaves me with usps, although there were a package i sent that got lost by them. i don't care for the prices. is it still considered safe to go with usps priority registered mail and signature confirmation?

i'm very wary and don't want to suffer any kind of loss, since i'm basically going to use this money for this semester.

what do you all say? help and opinions please. thanks.


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Oct 4, 2006
USPS Priority Mail insured with scanned signature confirmation or Express Mail, insured.

I also offer parcel slow post.


Dec 31, 2007
Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia USA
I wouldn't go with 'registered mail', although that is the safest way to send something via the post office because it literally goes from safe to safe to safe and has to be accounted for each step of the way. Due to this it will take weeks to get there though and most people use it for valuables like expensive jewelery, bonds, coins etc. If you go with USPS I think you will be just fine with priority or express mail (if you're anxious), fully insured and sent with signature confirmation. I would never send an expensive item 'parcel post', that is the slowest way of shipping and that means it can be bumping around in the mail for a while.

I didn't know Fed-Ex didn't offer insurance, no I would not go that route. I think either UPS or USPS will be fine.



Jan 30, 2008
USPS Priority Mail insured with scanned signature confirmation or Express Mail, insured.

I also offer parcel slow post.
Never send a pricey bag with parcel post. Too many chances for it to get lost.

I send all of my bags in the U.S. FedEx, never had one lost or stolen. I only send them with both Insurance and Signature confirmation required.

Internationally only send Express. It can be tracked, Priority International tracking stops at our borders.


Jan 7, 2009
I use USPS Parcel and buy insurance through my auctiva account (it's cheaper). I have sold about 75 bags and haven't had a problem yet.....knock on wood. Just make sure that if you are shipping to a military base, to use priority mail, otherwise the shipping can take up to 6 weeks (this happened to me).
Aug 14, 2009
thanks everyone for your input. i ended up going with usps priority with insurance and signature confirmation, since they were the most helpful out of the three.

LindaP, you saved me. i was literally going for the "registered mail" since on its site, it says that's the safest, etc. as for fedex, i don't think they really offer insurance. if you go to

Exposure to and risk of any loss in excess of the declared value is either assumed by the shipper or transferred by the shipper to an insurance carrier through the purchase of an insurance policy. The shipper should contact an insurance agent or broker if insurance coverage is desired. FEDEX GROUND DOES NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE COVERAGE OF ANY KIND."

i guess there are certain items that are insured to a max of $100 even if the declared value is higher. i'm not really sure, but it seems fishy. :P

hoping usps will safely deliver my package. thanks everyone for advices..!


Dec 7, 2008
I have the same question but posting from the UK!! The last bag I sold i sent with royal mail with tracking, signature confirmation and insurance, however, after sending the bag and tracking it i realised the tracking stops once it leaves the UK!! Whats the best way to have all of the above but has tracking all the way through?? Cheers!!