BEST Shampoo for BODY?

  1. I have fine hair - but LOTS of it, so I need a shampoo that won't weigh it down. I'm in a rut so I need some new rec's.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Anybody??
  3. I think you should definitely avoid products that have heavy conditioners and conditioning oils. Anything that is for thick, coarse or dry hair, or anything that says deep conditioning or moisturizing, will probably be too heavy for your hair.

    It sounds weird, but have you tried baby shampoo (or something along those lines)? Its very gentle and it has nothing in it that would weigh your hair down.
  4. I already have too much volume on my head, and I avoid pantene products, it makes my hair look like a bear on my head. So I guess you should try them
  5. ^^No Pantene ruined my hair a few years ago, now I avoid their products like the plague.

    Any more recs?
  6. pureology makes a volumizing shampoo that i like quite a bit - their products are completely vegan and devoid of a lot of the chemicals that will screw with your hair. if you heat style your hair at all, ghd makes a product called Fat Hair Lotion that's also really good.
  7. I recommend the Matrix Amplify line. I use a few of the products and they give your hair lots of volume but my hair still remains light and bouncy. I especially love the root lifter. Oh and you should try getting a new hair dryer, I have noticed an immediate change in volume and texture since I started using the T3 hair dryer.
  8. ^:lol:

    I have frizzy hair at the ends, and oily scalp. I use Organix Shampoo Tea Tree Mint Hydrating. So far my hair looks full without dryness after a month of daily use.