Best sex scenes in movies!

  1. Scenes with celebrity!

    1) Sharon Stone in "Silver", when she's riding on Baldwin's legs.
    2) Angelina Jolie with Banderos, from "Original Sin"
    3) Anne Heche and Joan Chen in Wild Side is the best lesbian sex scene I've seen.

    Whats your favorite scenes?
  2. Heh too many great scenes.... but

    1.Denise Richards in Wild Things
    2. Krista Allen in Emmanuelle V
    3. Any Shannon Tweed movie
  3. Neve Campbell and Denise Richards in "Wild Things"
  4. Mickey Rourke & Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 weeks.
  5. I have a soft spot for Reese and Ryan from "Cruel Intentions", it was such a lovely sex scene.
  6. I don't like sex scenes in movies. I think movies should get down to the point (unless the point was to have a sex scene).

    However, I really REALLY don't mind it when Tom Welling gets it on with Kristin Kreuk in Smallville. It's a show though so I don't think that answers the question and there aren't many scenes like this on the show.
  7. Mickey Rourke & Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 weeks
    Neve Campbell and Denise Richards in "Wild Things"
    :tup:I agree ladies!
  8. Hands down, the best scene I can think of is from the movie "The Unfaithful". Diane Lane (she's such a goddess) and Olivier Martinez (too good looking for words) do the nasty in a bathroom stall in a restroom while Diane Lane's friends sit at a table, waiting for her.
  9. ohh yes!Forgot it!

  10. Oh Yes!! Pass the ice water!!!
  11. Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin in The Big Easy (kinda old movie, most of you probably haven't heard of it)
  12. I love that movie.
  13. i love that scene!!!
    especially when they look into each others eyes as theyre doing it.
    so sexy.
  14. Before Tom Cruise went all crazy, I used to love his scene with Kelly McGillis in Top Gun, especially because of the song "Take My Breath Away."
  15. Matt Damon and Franke Potente in Bourne Identity.