Best Service I Got


Aug 20, 2006
Hey TPF fans, I am so happy today cos I got a Graphite Brazza after much consideration. :yahoo:To top that, I was given the best service ever at the DFS Galleria LV boutique at Orchard Road. Here's the gist of the story...

I made a total of 3 trips to the store because I wasn't sure whether I should get the wallet.

First Trip:

This lady (Irene Loy) who was very friendly attended us. But after 5 mins, we left.

Second Trip:

We went in again about 10 mins after the first to look at the wallet. My friends and I were looking and feeling every wallet she brought out. I am considering whether should I get it or not while my friends were looking around. She explained that since I wanted and I have the $ to spend, I should bought it cos the price will. I told her that I will think about it and left.

Third Trip:

About 20 mins later, we went to her yet again. This time, I have decided to buy it. She was serving a couple but she saw me again. I mouthed the words "I am buying" and she gave me the "OK" signal. She came to me after the couple left and brought out all the Brazza she had to let me choose. She helped me checked the lining. Then, she held them up against the light to see the 1 with the nicest texture. Finally, I made my choice.

My friend asked her why some are from france while others from spain. (LOL..She should has asked me) Patiently, she explained to her. Not only that, she showed us some bags and taught my friends about vachetta and patina (showing them bags to compare too).

Eventually, after transaction has been made, she gave me the "LE CATALOGUE MAROQUINERIE" and the seasonal catalogues.:drool:


I am sharing this with everyone because I think that the service she provided me was the best, on par with the 1 I recieved at Dolce & Gabbana. As all of you should know, the service is Singapore is not very good in general. Thus, I highly recommend Irene Loy to those who wanted to buy something from vuitton.

And YAY!!!! I got a graphite brazza.....:yahoo:


Jul 16, 2008
Congrats on the Brazza wallet and on the excellent service you enjoyed at LV DFS. Wish I could get the LV Catalogue too... Purchased my wallet at LV Hilton last week and they didn't have the LV Catalogue in stock.


Jun 27, 2007
Neither here nor there
Congrats on you wallet and it's great to hear about good customer service. Too often we hear about bad service on these forums, your experience is like a breath of fresh air.