best seller?

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  1. does anyone know what is the best selling bal? or what is the most classic bag to buy? because this is my first bag and im obviously investing a lot in it, and i want to have it forever, so which one is the best?
  2. I'm going to guess a Black City.
  3. i think black and browns in the city size would be a good investment. i started off with a black first which was too small for me, ended up getting 05 black city and loved it. still my staple bag to carry everyday!!:heart:
  4. i would guess that the city is the most popular style and probably in black but IMO Balenciaga's colors are too great too pass on
  5. most popular style is definitely the city!
  6. According to my SA (and my Pfer experience ;) ) : the Black City !!
  7. a black city or part time for sure :smile:
  8. City or part time in neutral colors, like black, white/naturel, camel or brown.
  9. agree as above, either city/part time, if you want light, neutral colors then sandstone/white/natural if darker tone, definitely noir/steel/truffle/dark brown
  10. Black City all the way!
  11. In 05 BalNY told me that the black city was the biggest seller, making it the hardest to get (I was on waiting lists at NM's and Barneys from NY to Jersey! And BalNY told me it'd be at least 2 months before they could get me one! - These were the days of 8-page-long wait lists - *le sigh* - memories). I think at the time alot of people debated whether or not bbags would be a fading trend or not, so many, many people went with black to ensure prolonged use because, let's face it, black leather bags never go out of style.
  12. I agree, a black city of even a first.
  13. Definitely a Black City!