Best Self Tanner? Will using sunscreen make self-tanner streak?

  1. Hi everyone! Im going on a cruise in a little less than a month and my semester is still in progress so Ive had no time at all to get a little color. Im planning on using some kind of self-tanner but Ive never really done it before and Im a little nervous. So, I was wondering...

    What is your favorite self-tanner? Im pretty pale right now and was thinking of doing one of the gradual lotions, (like Jergens or Dove?) any suggestions? Any application tips?

    And- once I establish a bit of a color for myself and go on the cruise- will the tan streak once I start slathering sunscreen all over? We are going to the caribbean so sunscreen is a must- I dont want to look like a streaky freak halfway into the cruise! :lol:

    Thanks for the help!
  2. For self-tanners I like Lancome's Flashbronzer in both the Airspray and Lotion/Milk versions.

    I've tried the Jergens Natural Glow which is pretty much klutz-proof lol, you don't need to exfoliate (unless you have really dry skin), the smell is minimal, BUT you really don't get much of a tan. I'm not the type of person to keep on layering and layering everyday cuz it's just wayyyyyyyyyyy too much work and maintenance and waste of my time, so ya... I don't use these gradual self-tanners anymore. If you want a lighter tan with regular self-tanners, apply some moisturizer before (I don't like doing this cuz it takes even longer for the product to dry up...)

    1. Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate OR...
    2. Moisturize moisturize moisturize
    3. Combo of 1 and 2 lol

    A lot of people emphasize on exfoliation but I think even if you do not exfoliate at all, as long as you have very healthy and HYDRATED skin, the self-tanner will apply just as well.
    Now I'm going to share my new found joy lol: I bought La Prairie's Body Emulsion during the winter which was okay I thought... not as amazing as I expected. It did its job of moisturisation and that was it. Then yesterday, I used Lancome's Airspray (which was rated quite poorly on MUA for streaking and blotchiness) and WOW it developed into the BEST and most EVEN tan ever, and I did NOT exfoliate at ALL! I was pleasantly surprised and deduced that it must of been my moisturizer that I apply every other day! Another star for La Prairie!
  3. i would def. recommend the jergens natural glow lotion. i`ve used all kinds of self tanners from cheap drugstore brands to the pricier designer brands and i have to say jergens natural glow goes on streak free and has the most natural looking tan rather than the orangey tints other brands leave behind. most self tanners have a certain smell to them but the jergens lotion smells the least.

    it comes in 3 colors. light tan/medium/medium-tan. i started with the medium and opted for medium-tan after a week or two of use.

    p.s. you will start to see results [if you use it everyday] after as little as 3 days.
  4. OMGosh! I tied a new one, for me ;) at the heavy recommendation of some magazine staffers and LOVED it!

    It's L'Oreals' Sublime in a spray applicator. It's like airbrushing and it's super fine and next to impossible to have an accident w/.

    I used it last night and am VERY VERAH happy :biggrin:

    I've used them all, been trying everything for more than 10 yrs and this is my fave so far!
  5. I use bronzers made for tanning bed use...they have the most natural, brown color IMO. plus your skin stays super soft ;) And you can use them outdoors as well, the benefits are for any type of tanning so you don't have to be a bed slave...:biggrin: Let me know if you want more specific suggestions for brands and stuff.
  6. I would like more specific suggestions, please.
  7. I use L'Oreal Sublime Glow and really like the results from it. It is THE only self-tanning product that I have ever bought more than once. In fact--I've only used this religiously since it came out. But, I am planning to try the spray that SWANKY mentioned above--it has received awesome reviews!

    I use the Jergens Natural Glow Face every other night on my face and it has been ok. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect facial tanner!
  8. which Sublime have you been using? The lotion?

    I was skeptical about the spray, figured it would be all over the place and hard to control but I was so wrong!
    I'll definitely be buying this stuff up!:tup:
  9. I like the l'oreal sublime too. (the glow gel).

    Like others have said exfoilate, alot before.

    Apply thin coats, blend well. Leave plenty of time for air drying before you put on your clothes. Go really light around the knees and elbows. Make sure to get your ankles and a very light coat on your feet. Also wash your hands really well after, in between your fingers and under your nails. I also use a damp towel and wipe some off my inner arm, especially by the wrist (it an really seem to build up there, if you apply a couple of days in a row).

    They also make a sublime with spf, but I think it's only like an 8 or so. If I am on vacation. I usually put on the regular sublime, as usual, right out of the shower. By the time it dries and I dress and we have breakfast it's been a good hour and half. If we go to the beach or pool, I use a tan helper (without bronzer). I like Drama Queen. I lay out for about 30 minutes. Then I go ahead and put on the sunscreen, at least SPF 30, but usually SPF 45. I find a little natural color really helps even out the sunless tanner and gives you a good natural glow.

    In the evening, besure to moisturize with a good aloe based lotion, with vit. A and E.

    Good luck! Have fun on vacation!

    ***Edit: If you only want color for your trip, I wouldn't start until about a week before the trip, other wise you're going to have a lot of 'up keep' to keep the tan. I find once I get the tan I want, I have to apply every other day or at least once every 3 days to keep it up.

    Swanky, I may try the spray again. I think they may have improved it. I tried it a couple of years ago when it first came out, but thought the glow gel gave better results.
  10. :biggrin:
    Well I've used many, many, many professionally sold lotions out there. My favorites that give great color help without having to lay in the sun or in a tanning bed (ironic since they are sold at tanning salons! heehee)...are Revival (by Designer Skin, with triple bronzer and caffeine); Jin (by Three Wishes Tan, with quadruple bronzer); Tinted Love (by Designer Skin, regular tinted moisturizer like Jergens but leaps and bounds better in all areas, IMO); Worship Me (by Designer Skin, with quadruple bronzer and anti aging ingredients) and Ocho (by Supre, who makes Hempz lotions...this one has I don't know how many bronzers and lasts up to 8 days, continuous bronzing up to 12 hours after application).

    Now, these are my favorites. There are many more out there that are probably awesome but I either didn't find effective enough for me, or haven't used yet. And since these are professionally sold lotions made to be used for tanning, they will be more expensive than the drugstore versions of self tanners. A lot of these lotions also use as many natural moisturizers as they do chemicals to aid in tanning - so your skin will be in fabulous condition. If you have money to burn, picking these up can't hurt your goal of a nice bronzed look. If money's a concern but you want to get something...Tinted Love is probably your safest bet as it's in the biggest container (20 oz) and I purchased it for 22 dollars. The others run between 40 and 50 dollars for about a 13.5 - 14 oz container.
  11. I need to try the Sublime Glow spray-- I've heard so many people rave about it! I used to use the gel version way back when, and it gave me great color :yes:

    I ran out of Glow Fusion (LOVE it, but craaazy expensive) so I've been trying cheaper alternatives. I haven't been too thrilled with any of them. Instead of dealing with crappy self tanners, I've just been using Jergens daily lately and the color's good, I just don't like the smell as much as Dove.

    As for using sunscreen over self tanner, I've never had a problem personally with the tanner streaking. But I'm sure someone will come along and yell at me that I'm wrong! :lol:

    Glamgirl- I don't know any names off the top of my head, but I've seen sunscreens that have bronzers in them to give a more tan appearance. That might be a good option for you on your cruise! :flowers:
  12. i just bought the St. Tropez kit and plan to try it out this weekend. I usually do the Versaspa spray on at the tanning salon but sometimes I'm just too lazy to go so I decided to purchase an at home kit. I'll let you know if I like it.
  13. I LOOVE Worship Me! I use mine in a tanning bed, but I've just started using it as an everyday lotion when I think I need a little more color. And I'm loving so far. Plus I've noticed that it doesn't come off on ANY of my clothes after I put it on. Not even my white clothes which I have to wear quite often for sorority stuff.

    So a definite second vote of Worship Me. :tup:
  14. D, I agree with you on the finer points of Worship Me :biggrin: it is awesome stuff! And doesn't stink! LOL :biggrin:
  15. Wow- thanks for all the great info! Im wondering, do you guys put the same tanning lotion that you use on your body, on your face too?

    Im going to have to check out all these brands! Has anyone tried Dove Energy Glow? I saw an ad for it today and the newer version seems to have spf in it. I think its only 15 but at least its something!