Best selection of Marc Jacobs online?

  1. I know eluxury has them. Is there anyplace else good to purchase that has a bigger selection? Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Thank you. Have you purchased from shoptwigs? Do you recommend them?

    Appreciate the info!
  3. bloomingdales and Saks also has them online.

  4. You are welcome. =)
    I haven't dealt with shoptwigs enough to recommend them, they seem okay. I bought Blake in Linen from them recently. S&H is free and tax is waived if you live outside of its state. They offer 7-day return policy. Their MJ bags are sometimes $100 less than suggested retail. They can be reached via e-mail & toll-free number -- I like having the option to talk to someone if I have any questions.

    There's a promotion code for 15% off now through June 1st (BIRTHDAY). According to their CS, they are expecting shipments (MJ items) anytime now.

    Anyone here bought anything from shoptwigs? =)
  5. I bought a rafe la brea suede bag from them a few months ago and was very pleased. I also pre-ordered one of the Gryson bags and i'm thinking about ordering the MJ Quilted Leather Bowler in Camel if nothing new isn't added before that code ends.:amuse:
  6. Prada_diamond, which Gryson bag did you order? Sophie looks nice, but it's pretty big (16 inch across).

    Their price's pretty good for MJ bags, Large Bowlers are sold at prices of Small Bowlers. I called and asked about the pricing of upcoming bags; their response: Prices aren't set yet, but they will be at or less than retail.
  7. I ordered the "Olivia" in military and can't wait. They said the "Kaitlyn" is the tiniest, i think its 10" by 7" and sounds super cute but they don't have any on order. I missed out on the bowler :sad: