best seamless underwear?

  1. Any recommendations?
  2. SPANX is awesome and offers great control

    I also love hanky panky. not sure if that's seamless, but they're cute and comfy
  3. Right now I'm loving the VS tee shirt bra. No recs on panties though. I'd like to see what others have to say on that one.
  4. I like the Commando brand...they feel like you're not wearing anything and they're seamless
  5. Try Macys. I love the calvin kline stuff.
  6. oddly enough, i really like gapbody's seamless undies. i bought a bunch when i used to work at gap almost 3 years ago, and i still wear them all the time. they come in a lot of great no-show colors (there's a really nice light beige-y pink) and the material they're made of is super soft, stays put without digging, and stands up to 3 years of washing and drying so far. they can also be had for very cheap when they phase out colors seasonally.
  7. The best seamless underwear is no underwear at all.
  8. I have a pair of seamless Hanro's that are amazing!! I think they cost me about $45 but were worth it to wear with fancy dresses etc. They don't dig in at all and have a "rubber-like" material that edges the waist band and legs so that they stay put. This is the only pair of seamless that I have ever found that have truly fit my body and thus been truly seamless (no hip flab!). I got them at Saks. I don't think that they carry them online though.
  9. Calvin Klein seamless
    or jockey seamless
  10. Any others? I'm on a mission LOL!
  11. I like Hanky Panky. They're comfortable, hold up well and come in a bunch of colors. I also tried OnGossamer, a very sheer panty. I did not think it was as comfortable as the HP's.
  12. Yup, agreed. In the rare times i'm wearing something that is ultra clingy and everything seems to show.. i go commando! Try it, very freeing ;)
  13. Victoria's Secret sells seamless underwear from a brand called Intimissmi that I really love! It's truly seamless and hugs everything perfectly -- almost feels like I'm not wearing anything! My boyfriend was marveling at how they managed to make underwear from one single piece of fabric like that *laugh*. You should cut the tag, though, because for whatever reason they didn't think to make it tagless!
  14. Another vote for commando.
  15. Believe it or not, the best seamless undies I've found are from TARGET! They're Gilligan O'Malley Seamless Boyshorts. I bought them in the nude color (they come in a bunch of different shades though) and I can wear them under ANYTHING and they won't show. They're super comfy too! I love them!