best scarf to tie onto bags

  1. is it better to get an oblong scarf or a pony tail scarf to tie onto a coach bag? i've never done this before so i'm a little clueless. i always see scarves tied onto the purses in the catalogs and stuff and im want to get that look.
  2. i think ponytail scarves are the easiest.

    i have a few different scarves- and those ones always look the best for the bows, imo.
  3. Oblong would be way too long I think. I actually like doing the square ones or the pony tail scarf. Fold the square in half diagonally, then roll it into a "snake" from the small end and then knot on your bag.
  4. I agree. Ponytail scarf!!!
  5. I like ponytail scarves better... they're easiest for me.
  6. I agree ponytail scarves are the easiest, and look cutest in bows!
  7. I use bandanas, but it took a while before I could figure out how to tie it into a pretty bow.
  8. i like ponytail better!
  9. ^ I agree with those above... Ponytail scarves seem to work best for tying on bags! :smile: At least that I can figure out... I am full size scarf challenged.