Best scarf to attach to Damier?

  1. Hi everyone. I've seen posts about scarfing before but I was wondering more specifically what people thought were the best colors for a Damier bag, and what sizes/shapes would go best on the Saleya or Speedy? I figured red would be a natural choice for the Damier, but I remember seeing someone with a cream/tan scarf that looked stunning as well. Looking forward to comments and pics!
  2. Almost everything goes with the brown and black of the damier print. Here is my Saleya wearing a pink scarf.


    but it also looks great with blue, or red. I have found that Coach ponytail scarves (or similar size) are the best size to wear on a bag handle.
  3. Champs Elysees in Rose. Sorry for the overexposed pic.
    easter 4.jpg
  4. Since it's almost summer, I would recommend something fresh like the Love bandeau or I know Hermes makes many excellet scarves in fun colors.
  5. something red!
  6. I didn't use a scarf to accessorize my Nolita 24h (it would be hard for a guy to get away with it :smile: ), but the picture attached might give you ideas. If it has to be a scarf, I'd try the leopard and monogram scarf. Or the multicolore in black.
  7. THAT is my fave look with Damier! Expose it anytime Rileygirl! lol

    I just got an adorable Hermes scarf that has cherries on white print. Cute on the cerises speedy, btw. You'd think it would be too much, but not the case.

    I dont think the black multicolore would look good on the damier ebony print personally. I think white looks better as a bag scarf now that I bought black instead! lol

    My fave bag/scarf combo is a dune mini lin speedy with a white multicolore bandeau.
  8. [​IMG]I'm pretty sure this would look good on the dark Damier---
  9. Orange looks absolutely lovely with damier! Hermes is doing nice little twillys, and you can find cute scarfes in second hand shops!
  10. I think red really makes the bag POP on the damier. I'll try and get a photo up. My scarf is Coach though
  11. The red that is used on the lining in some damier enbony bags is gorgeous also used on scarves.
  12. Red would be really great but I like my yellow Hermes scarf on my Damier too! I think any bright color would have a nice pop against Damier.
  13. Truthfully I dont like scarves on LV mono & damier bags, they don't need them. I wear scarves on bags but only on plain colour bags!
  14. ^^ Agree with Roz. I don't use scarves on print bags.
  15. I LOVE this photo! :heart:

    To answer your question, I think something brightly coloured plain scarf should do the trick, or something with a simple design so it won't look too busy.