Best scarf tip?

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  1. Was wondering what everyone's *best* H scarf tip was -- wearing, tying, storing. etc?

    I'll kick it off. Before visiting this board and seeing all the pictures, I could never figure out how to elegantly wear a scarf -- I always ended up looking either dumpy or like an old bag lady (and not the good kind of bag lady). Basically I was convinced I had a fat neck and would never be able to pull it off.

    But, from you amazing ladies on TPF I've figured out something critical to those of us without swan like necks...the trick is to actually tie/wear the scarf closer to your collarbone so you can actually see some skin above the scarf.

    Voila, I now have a bit of that proverbial je ne sais quoi. Thank you guys for sharing your pics with you and your chic on. Without them, my H beauties would still be sitting in their boxes :smile: steph.
  2. After wearing your scarf, lay it flat overnight (this gets rid of wrinkles) and then fold them and store.
  3. Slemus, can you post of pic of you wearing a scarf on e the collar bone area . . . I too am not a swan
  4. Just learned this one--if you get a waterspot, rewet the area with a moist cotton ball and quickly blow dry with hairdryer. Magically, the spot is gone!
  5. I was shown by a SA how to use a scarf as a strap for my clutch.
  6. wow! that will be very nice...can you pls show us a pic of it?

  7. ^^^Would love to, once I get my camera issue figured out.
  8. My scarf tip: listen to the ladies of tpf!!!

    Ok, I will work on a real one.

  9. Thanks tons hermesgroupie:smile: can i pm you? have some Q's been dying to ask you:P
  11. Fantastic tip thank you!
  12. 1. The horn scarf ring goes with everything.
    (except pouchettes)

    2. Scarf bans are difficult to adhere to.
  13. Take it off before you eat!
  14. This is a Twilly tip I got from tPF:

    Tie an Twilly around your ankle. Looks great with simple type shoes like flats or plain wedges!! And I would've never thought of that one.