Best scarf knots to show off contrast hems

  1. What are your favorite knots for highlighting a contrast hem? Go!
  2. Oh this is a fabulous idea for a thread. I'm here moma. No ideas at the moment but I'll keep thinking...
  3. Oh! One that really highlights it is having the scarf flat, folding it into pleats, then putting around neck, and tying with a shawl ring. Another that's nice is doing the assymetric fold thing, then just tying it around the neck. But here is the pleated bow knot...
  4. Oooooh I love the idea!! Ok no knots for me... Will draping count my dear momsaurus ... Otherwise I am going to just sit back and learn big time from the beautiful TPFers here️️
  5. Flower knot

    Waterfall knot
  6. Ok. Here's one that is very casual looking. This is an archive photo and because I matched my sweater it might not show up well. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1454437105.561058.jpg

  7. Oh this is stunning!!! Can totally see the beautiful hem of sieste ️️️️ it!
  8. Excellent idea! I never do this, but will give it a try. Works best with newer, stiffer scarves, right?
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    Yes!! This is the assymetrical fold thing I was talking about. PbP is the one who taught me how! :yes: But I can't ever get mine to look this nice. There's clearly a step I am missing PbP!

    psssst: nice scarf.
  10. I love this. Is it just a really casually tied asymmetrical fold? (haha, Pirula beat me to that answer)
  11. Oh I don't know. I guess that yes my Ex-Lib is both new and stiff. That's the one I've done this with the most. I will say yes. Because floppiness cannot be a good thing here.

  12. Yes. I fold it in half as a rectangle. Then I hold two corners diagonally across from each other and fold it that way. Like you are going to do an asymmetric fold. Then I just grab it in the middle and squeeze it together there. Put it around your neck and tie just once. It never comes out the same way twice so sometimes you have to play a little. I think I copied this from arabesques but I might have just totally confused what she was doing and ended up with something different. I think grabbing/ gathering it in the middle is the important step.
  13. Well! Given that I never grab and gather I am going to try this! Possibly tomorrow! Can you say Beloved India? (no contrast hem, I know, but a very cool hem nevertheless).

  14. This knot has been growing on me since TangoTosca showed me how to do it. It works really well with MaiTai's shawl ring (and you NEED the shawl one because of how you have to stuff the blunt ends into the ring). One way that I deal with more drapey scarves is to pull the ring down closer to the ends. Because there is less fabric, it sticks out more. I hope that made sense.
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