Best SA to deal with for 1st B bag order???

  1. Hi

    I want to order my first B bag! Maybe today :yahoo: :yahoo:
    but I'm a little nervous to do this over the phone. And I'm in MI and there aren't any stores in MI that carries Bal. So I must do this via phone. I haven't even had the honor of trying a couple bags on!!!!! So I really need some help!!!!

    Well, is there a SA that you would HIGHLY recommend to help me with picking a bag, (I have a couple colors in mind), then picking a GREAT one out for me which is not too veiny, etc.? I need someone who will be patient and really get me the best possible bag for the amount of money!!

    And do you think Aloha Rag or Bal. Ny???


  2. Daphne and Joseph at Bal NY are both great.
  3. I recommend Kim.
  4. Joseph at Bal NY.
  5. Daphne at Balenciaga NY was really sweet and very helpful. :yes:
  6. I recommend Kim at BalNY as well.
  7. If you want to order from Aloha Rag, Jumpei is awesome.
  8. daphne is awesome..... she is friendly and helpful.
  9. I recommend Joseph at Bal NY. He helped me with my b-bag purchase and did a great job picking out a beautiful bag.
  10. Troy, MI... at Neiman Marcus - ask for Lisa! shes great!!!!!
  11. Joseph at BalNy!
  12. helenNZ-----I called NM and the person I talked to said they didn't carry Bal. at the store.... Do they carry them now?? Is this a new development???

  13. Kim at Balny or Linda at NM-SF
  14. daphne or sarah at the nyc boutique. i'm really curious about this joseph guy... it seems he's picked out dream bags for all of you!
    avoid: jen (or at least her name sounded like that) at nm white plains and oma at nm san francisco.
  15. welp, daphne @ the nyc b-bag store is my girl :yes:...but kim helps me when she's not around & she's super sweet :love:...sarah's a doll too & you can't go wrong with any of those 3 lovely ladies :tender: