Best SA and new bag!

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  1. I went to do a little shopping this morning and thought I'd swing through Coach to check out a couple things before making my PCE choice. My fav SA Sheila was there and asked if I had received a card. Then she said I could place my order today and they would ship it Friday when the sale starts!! Whoo-Hoo!! So, she checked to see if my bag was available at JAX-- the Bleecker British Tan Leather Shopper-- and it was! So, I ordered that one and will go back next week to buy a couple more small items :yahoo:
    I cannot WAIT to see my bag! And I just love Sheila!! For you north Texas girls, she's at Stonebriar in Frisco :tup:
  2. I will be in TX tomorrow, so I may head up to Frisco (I have never been)!
  3. What other colors are the shopper coming in? If it is coming in wine then its going to be mine!! Congrats on the tan one.