Best routine???

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  1. So here is it - I want to lose weight!! Overall I have a ton of weight I want to lose (50lbs) slowly but surely from now through memorial day, which I think is do-able. For now though, i'd really love to kick start my weight loss with a great workout (but not using weight equipment as the gym where I live doesn't have any- only has a few cardio machines) I heard that running for an hour daily along with a 1400 cal diet was the way to go... Does anybody have any suggestions on a better routine that is just as basic??:shrugs:

    ps Sorry if this post sounds jumbled but its almost like I can't get my exact thoughts on this written! (I'm currently working on my history thesis so my brain is elsewhere!):p
  2. whew! i don't think i could run for an hour---i'd die of boredom!
    running is a very good way to loose tho.
    i would aslo and in some weight training---muscle burns fat.
    im just starting out too. i don't have alot of weight to loose--maybe 10-15lbs. im trying to get in better shape. i started w/power walking and 3lb weights, crunches and pushups.
    good luck!!!
  3. Running always has gotten me in the best shape. I would try to incorporate Nola's routine--like run a few sprints on the treadmill, then hop off and pump out as many pushups as you can, hop back on and bang out a few more sprints, then hop off, and do crunches or squats/lunges. It is good to alternate and since you would be doing it in intervals, you will know that you only have to run for a few minutes before a break.
  4. First of all, do a search on this. It's been discussed multiple times. Secondly, how tall are you? We need to know this so we can give you a realistic caloric intake
    An hour a day for running is a bit much and will probably turn you off to exercise completely. Honestly, I'd start out slow. Maybe go on a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day with your husband/bf/kids/friend/alone, to kind of ease into it. That alone will burn about 300-500 cals depending on your intensity, and combined with a reduced calorie, low fat diet will drop a 2-4 pounds a week. Stick with that for a couple of months and see how you feel. If you want to up it, then you can get into jogging/eliptical/biking. Ultimately, the key is finding something you enjoy doing so you'll actually do it. If you like biking, then bike. Maybe you'd prefer to swim...then swim. Whatever you need to do that will keep you doing it multiple times a week. Then, if that gets stale, switch it up.
  5. ^^^^^ITA with you Charles. Find something you enjoy doing so you'll actually do it. I'm not one for joining the gym so I like the convenience of my treadmill and have been using that for the last 4 years. I've also added 10lb weights and stretchband with my reg warm up exercises. I don't have a set time for working out so I do it when it's convenient for me, sometimes after lunch or after dinner.

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck to you.
  6. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the responses! In the past anytime time I gained a little I would hire a trainer, but currently my funds are low- especially with having to save for xmas gifts!

    Charles to answer your question i'm about 5'6 and tend to build muscle really quickly and have the ability to lose/gain pretty fast. (although this is the most ive ever gained-I switched bcp) I totally understand what you are saying about routines getting stale, so I'll try to switch it up as you suggested!