Best round bag.... Jasmin or Soufflot?

  1. Hi All,

    Which one is more versatile and more chic? I kind of think the Jasmin is the one.
  2. I like the look of the Jasmin better
  3. I saw someone with a black Epi Jasmin yesterday... I think it is the most versatile.
  4. I'm no help, because I really love both of them. I would probably only use them for dressy situations, though.
  5. OMG!!! I was thinking about getting the black Epi Jasmin!!!! It is feminine and strong at the same time. KWIM? You know how some people say "That's a handsome woman?" I think that they mean she is both beautiful and strong at the same time.
  6. I love the Jasmin...I have it in the Mandarin and it's one of my favorite bags.
  7. I prefer soufflot... not a fan on jasmin
  8. When did the mandarin go out of production?
  9. ^I think it was discontinued last year sometime. :yes:
  10. Jasmin
  11. Another vote for the Jasmin, it's so classy!
  12. Jasmin for sure...go for it and you can't go wrong...
    But whatever pleases you...

    Good luck Big Eyes!!!
  13. I like both ... only have the Soufflot in myrtille, but plan on getting the Jasmin soon ... black would definitly be classy. I'm hoping they'd come out in cassis.
  14. I LOVE the look of the Jasmin. Still don't know if I want the white or black (don't know how much time I have to decide before they D/C a color or increase the price).
  15. Vote here for Jasmin. Like the handles better.