Best red in clemence?

  1. I'm thinking of ordering a JPG Birkin in a red color and gold hardware. I saw a vermillon Kelly in clemence a few months ago and really liked it, but I'm wondering if you gals thought it was too bright for such a big bag?

    Would rouge garance or rouge vif be better?
  2. Personally, I prefer Rouge Garance to Vermillion but you should try to see it first before ordering. I wouldn't worry about the brightness if Vermillion is something you love. How exciting, pr1nc!!
  3. Oh, Rouge Garance is so lovely in Clemence! Saw an Evelyne in this exact color/leather and it was yummy!!!!
  4. Vermillion is really pretty. :yes:
  5. I have vermillion JPG shoulder Birkin in clemance! I was very surprised that vermillion in clemance looks different from vermillion on togo. Vermillion on togo has slight orange undertone to the color, but vermillion on clemance looks true red. My DH and I were debating if there were the same color or not since we were told that both of them were vermillion. But both were vermillion. Anyway, vermillion on clemance it REALLY pretty~! I carried mine today, and LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Can anyone post pics to help?
  7. I'd love to see a pic of your JPG! I'm glad to hear that vermillon looks like a true red in clemence because that's the exact bag I currently have on request to my SA, and a true red is exactly what I wanted. That's unusual that a color looks different on togo than on clemence, right?
  8. It IS exciting! I've always wanted a red Birkin (it's one of my favorite colors), and looking at my 30 cm and 35 cm (and thinking of the other 35 cm I have on order), I thought, why not make the red one the one I go "all out" on:nuts: ?
  9. My evelyne is rouge H clemence. I really like it (lighter than rouge H in chevre).

  10. Your Evelyne is beautiful, addicted!
  11. I love Rouge Garance in Clemence. The redness is just lovely. Only if Clemence is not such a heavy leather.

    Below is a pic I posted in the Hermes In Action thread a couple of months ago.

    Pic of my JPG shoulder Birkin when I first got it.
  12. OMG...mrssparkles...that is totally gorgeous and love your shawl too!!
  13. really love that color
  14. addicted...your red Evelyne is gorgeous too!
  15. pr1nc355, to answer your question about a color looking different on different leathers...this is normal. And, sometimes a color looks different on different pieces in the same leather.

    Clemence is softer than togo, and thus, the clemence appears deeper in a lot of Hermes colors, such as rouge. Leather was a living substance, and thus, can be different from one piece to another even in the same shade.

    Interesting, isn't it?