Best Red-Carpet Dress/Outfit

  1. *****Now I don't know whether or not there is already a thread on this... however I don't think there is as I did search with what it could be under, if there is then feel free to delete this******

    Now there have been some disastrous red carpet outfit's over the years, however there have also been some stunning one's as well.
    Choose your favourite, be it for the Grammy's, the Emmy's, the EMA's, the VMA's, the Gloden Globe Awards, the Oscars... anything, just what outfit(s) made you go 'wow'

    Mine would be mostly worn by the lovely Amy Lee... considering she's looks amazing in whatever she wears:
    Billboard Music Awards 2003

    American Music Awards 2003

    Grammy Awards 2004


    Europe Music Awards 2004

    Grammy Awards 2005

    Yah.... so I like her fashion sense... so sue me.... she's unique and stunning..... now show me your favourites
  2. She's beautyful!I love her music!
  3. I like different too but more Gwen Stefani different not hers.
    Like her music though
  4. She's ugly but she is EXTREMELY talented...
  5. Well I'm not seeing the ugliness... at all.... she's a very stunning young woman, very naturally beautiful, she knows how to be sexy yet not reveal herself too much.
    And I think a fair amount or people agree with me... considering she has been named one of Rock's sexiest female stars.

    But to each their own... to be honest I don't find women like christina Aguilera, Helena Paparizou, Victoria Beckham etc etc attractive in the slightest... so like I said to each their own.... although you're right when you say she's extremely talented
  6. Oh, there are so many looks I love!

    From the Emmys:

    Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy (2005)

    Megan Mullally (2002)

    Marcia Cross (2005)

    Mariska Hargitay (2006)
    mullally2_092202emmys2002.jpg fp_crossemmys2005.jpg mariska_hargitayemmys2006.jpg
  7. Emmys (cont'd)

    Katherine Heigl (2007)
  8. From the Oscars:

    Courtney Love (1997)

    Kate Hudson (2003)

    Cate Blanchett (2005)

    Reese Witherspoon (2006)

    Keira Knightley (2006)
    69th_CLove_01oscars1997.jpg 75th_KHudson_01oscars2003.jpg 2005_BlanchettK_02oscars2005.jpg rwitherspoonoscars2006.jpg kknightleyoscars2006.jpg
  9. Oscars (cont'd)

    Charlize Theron (2006)
  10. From the Grammys:

    Jennifer Lopez (2000)

    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale
    jennifer-lopez-green-versace-dress.jpg 293_rossdale_stefani_011907.jpg
  11. From the SAG Awards

    Liv Tyler (2004)
  12. From the Golden Globes:

    Kate Hudson

    Rinko Kikuchi (2007)

    Katherine Heigl (2007)
    293_hudson_kate_010207.jpg rinko_kikuchi2-2006.jpg kath2007.jpg
  13. From last year's SAG Awards:

    Reese Witherspoon

    Mariska Hargitay

    Demi Moore
    reese_witherspoon.jpg mariska_hargitay.jpg demi_moore.jpg
  14. For some reason I have always loved Christina Aguilera's look at the 2003 VMA's, where she wore the pink feathery dress. I also loved the floor length dress she wore to the 2003 Q awards.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. ^ I love Christina's shoes..she has so many Louboutins. They are all TDF!