Best Red Bag?

  1. Well...I had the Luella Suzi in brick red from the Bergdor's sale in my shopping bag but I had to leave the computer for a bit and when I went back...all gone! I've been wanting a red bag for a while now but have just never found quite the 'right' one. Any suggestions from you gals who have a red bag you love? I tend to like largish bags and don't care for reds that veer too much towards orange. There must be red bag somewhere that wants to join my family! :biggrin:
  2. Have you seen the S/S large Gucci Horsebit Hobo in Red? I'm thinking this will be my next one. Plus Tod's had the Sacca Grande perhaps??
  3. The LV Epi Speedy in red is :love: Have you looked into that bag?
  4. I want the Red Gaucho!
  5. Oops...forgot to add...all price points are welcome. And I'm going 'wow' over the suggestions already posted!
  6. There are a few nice bags in the epi line that are available in red. Since you want something larger I would also suggest the Noe or the Segur or the speedy of course.

    How about a Fendi B Bag? It's available on eluxury. It might be a bit orange though. Hard to tell from the pic.

    Or one of the new quilted MJ's. This one is from Saks, it might be a little small for you but I'm sure some of the other styles would come in this color too.

    I have a gucci bag that I love in red. Check it out in my showcase:
    It's also available in a larger size... you should be able to find it on

    Hope this helps!
  7. I have a Balenciaga rouge Twiggy that I love. I also have an LV Speedy 25 in epi red that I also love. I believe I saw a rouge hobo style bag at the Balenciaga store in Manhattan if you're interested. You may also like the Speedy 30 instead of the 25. It is quite a bit larger.
  8. Oh ... I also have a red Dior gaucho that is great with casual wear. I have a medium but they also have a large.
  9. LV epi in red is beautiful... Alma or Speedy.
  10. Leah411, I've been eyeing the suzi tote as well. I google it instead of searching via the sale section in the sites. Anyway, after days of it being "not available" it showed up today!! So I just bought the red tote! It seems to be still available even after I bought, so maybe you can still grab it. 50% off not bad!
  11. Leah411, no, I am not about to suggest a Lodis :biggrin: Is this too small for you? $230 from ebags.
  12. I should have mentioned I ended up getting it in Neiman and not in Bergdorf.
  13. How about a Gucci horsebit hobo in red? That's attractive!

    I have the regular Gucci hobo in red.
  14. LV Epi pieces in red are gorgeous. I also recall seeing a Hermes (I think it was a Birkin) in red.